Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Stevens and Elder Briki

The Elders in Malaga 1 again!  Elders Mambo, Rojas, Elder Barahona and Elder Jones. 
Elder Valenzuela, Mockler, Berrett and Peterson in Fuengirola.  The man in the back who was baptized (who you can't see) was supported by two of his sons and two grandsons, who are also meeting with the missionaries in Malaga 3.  THAT is real growth!!
Elder McGarry and Elder Gomez in San Fernando
Here is a sweet wedding picture from Almeria.  I think we will see this sister in white again next week...


One final gathering in the Steven's piso before it becomes the Castillo's piso.

P-day in Malaga:  Seated in front:  Hermana Hodson, Wilcox, Moreno and Petru, Elders Jones, Mambo, Rojas and Barahona.  In back:  Elder Powell, Seely (standing), Peroni and Jones.


 Zone Training Meeting in Granada:  Back row:  Elders Webb, Keller, Berrett, Hooper, Hermana Martin and Elder Estrada.  Front row:  Hermanas Cano, Johns, Brimhall, Daly, and Elder Pena.
Elder Gochez demonstrating "open your mouth"!
Here is our Elder Briki, who has returned home to recuperate after breaking his ankle.  Elder Gochez and Elder Blanch (who can do 83 pushups) drove him home to Valencia, and here he is with his foot elevated in his home with his sister and mother.  We wish Elder Briki a quick recovery so he can join us again.
This week we bid a bittersweet goodbye to the Stevens.  This is the end of their third mission, and they are loved and will be missed here.  Thank you Elder and Hermana Stevens for your hard work and great contributions to our mission, and to the Church!  Elders and Sisters, I hope we can all follow in their footsteps and be able and willing to serve again later in life. 

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  1. I just have to say that Elder Joshua Blanch (my brother) Is a STUD! Go Joshua! 83 push ups! :D