Saturday, June 29, 2013

Zone Conference and one more visa waiter


Elder Adams and Elder Crespo in Alcazar

Elder Pascua helping out Hermanas Lovell and Childers in Cartagena 3.  This Dad and his two sons were baptized!

Elder Leon and Elder Wiley in Crevillente (Elder Vosters helped too, he's just not in the picture!)

Elders Moran and Webb in Elche 1.

Elders Proctor and Flores in Jaen.


Elder Miranda will be heading to Granada with Elder Nunez (not pictured) and Elder Smith, pictured.  If you can't see him very well here, check out the For the Strength of Youth booklet and look on the Repentance page.  There he is!  Page 29 in English or Spanish.

And here's Elder Miranda on his first day.  He was lucky enough to get here the day we picked up my flat tire from the shop, and he was kind enough to put it back on.  Thanks Elder Miranda!
Here's our beloved Elder Berrett, who worked in the office as the Financiero for 7 months!  He's now in Almeria working hard to help us achieve our goal of 55 baptisms in June. 
Zone Conference in Sevilla, June 27, 2013

Zone Conference in Malaga, June 28, 2013
Merida!  Pictured are Elders Ericson and Curtis, a member, Hermana and Elder Castillo, Elders Bivens and Alomia.  In front are Hermanas Guymon and Chavez.
Elder Tirrell and Elder Ordonez in San Lucar.  Who doesn't like to snuggle up with their Book of Mormon?
Yes, I know, this was on the blog last week.  But I was in a hurry last week and didn't give a sufficient "shout out" to this amazing couple.  Elder and Sister Castillo are serving in the office right now and are absolutely amazing.  They orchestrate transfer week, telling everyone where they need to be every minute for several days straight, help us all when we're sick, guide and help the office elders and love and cheer up everyone in the process.  They also went to Caceres this weekend to speak in the ward and take the missionaries out to lunch even though it's their 30th Anniversary!! 
We love and appreciate you two so much!
Here they are this weekend in Merida.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baptisms and the best picture ever

I added a few 555+ pics this week thanks to the Elders in Alicante and Algeciras. 

Hermanas Nelson and Leon in Cartagena 2, with the help of Elder Read. Three of these people were baptized.
Elder Keller and Elder Merchan in Alicante 1.
Elder Nunez and Elder Smith in Granada.

Elder Vosters and Elder Wiley in Crevillente.

A wedding in Granada. The happy couple is pictured with Hnas Hodson and Anderson, and Elders Flores and Proctor.

Granada Zone P-day (plus one extra guy) at the Alhambra.  That is the castle on the front page of this blog. 
Back row: Hna Hodson, Elder Woodford, Hna Yardley (sniff, sniff), Hna Grant, Elders Smith, Triana, the extra guy, and Elder Nunez. 
In front, Hnas Flake, Daly and Anderson.

A few missionaries from the Malaga zone being dramatic like the statue.  Back row:  Elder Jackson (?), the dramatic statue, Elder Barbosa.  In front, Hnas Johnson, Coloma, Moreno and Roan.

And now, here's possibly the best picture ever on the blog:

Happy 34th Anniversary Elder and Sister Castillo! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Transfer week: 16 began and 3 finished

Elders Brewer and Roberts in Alicante

Elder Estrada and Elder Valenzuela in Fuengirola

Elders Jackson and Pascua in Cartagena 3

Elders Johnson and Easton in Albacete

Elders Keller and Gochez in Alicante

Elder Sandelin and Elder Read in Cartagena 2

Elder Scheible and Elder Bird in Sevilla 1

Hermanas Torres and Petru

Elder Walker and Elder Navarro in Sevilla

Introducing our 16 new missionaries who arrived this week:

Hermana Camacho will work with Hermana Greenwood opening up a new area in Alicante 2.


Hermana Kunz (who just started 6 weeks ago!) and Hermana Cerna are assigned to San Fernando 1.

Hermana Coloma and Hermana Johnson (also a 6-weeker!) are assigned to Malaga 3

Hermana Roan and Hermana Moreno are in Malaga 2.
Below, Hermana Brown and Hermana Thompson (a 6-weeker) are headed to Benidorm. 

Hermana Rindlisbacher and Hermana Israelsen (a 6-weeker) are in Elche 2. 

Hermana Ramsay and Hermana Theobald are in Fuengirola.

Hermana Hendricks and Hermana Petru are opening a new area in Puerto Santa Maria.

Elder Whetten is headed to Puerto Santa Maria with Elder Hooper. 

Elder Flint will train Elder Durfey in Valdepenas.

Elder Bivens and Elder Alomia are headed to Caceres.

Elder Bleazard is assigned to Murcia 2 with Elder Olsen.

Elder Flores and Elder Proctor are headed to Jaen.

Elder Valenzuela and Elder Galarza are opening a new area in Almeria.

Here is a group of some, but not all of our trusty trainers and new missionaries. 

Late last week we received Elder Miller and Hermana Clark who had been waiting for their visas.  Here they are in Mijas with Elder Patterson, who will be training Elder Miller in Huercal Overa.  Hermana Miller will be with Hermanas Wilcox and Brimhall in Malaga 1.

Last week we sent home Hermana Yardley and Elders Wright and Fowkes.  We miss you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A reminder of why we are here


Hermanas Brown and Moreno in Malaga 2.

Elders Berry and Crapo in Torrevieja.

Elders Flores and Webb and Hermanas Hodson and Anderson in Jaen.

Hermanas Roderick and Flanders in Sevilla 1.

Elders Tenney and Crespo in Alcazar.
 Elders Valenzuela and Estrada with Hermanas Ramsay and Greenwood in Fuengirola.

Mission Leadership Council
June 3-4,  2013

Our new Financiero, Elder Norton with our baptismal goal for the month of June!
Cartagena P-day:  Kneeling in front is Elder Pascua.  From left to right, Hermanas Childers, Lovell, Leon, Nelson, and Elders Sandelin, Read and Jackson.