Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow in Spain

Elder Triana and Elder Lucero on a big day in Algeciras!

 Elder Jackson and Elder Brown in Cartagena 3
 Elder Mardones and Elder Oldroyd in Lorca
 Elder Mora and Elder Smith in Murcia 2
Elder Peters and Elder Gutierrez with a new sister in Puertollano, on Elder Peter's birthday!

 Elder Pardo and Elder Banbury in Cartagena 1 with 2 new sisters
All these guys have already been baptized but they are just excited about the big day when 4 new members were baptized in Cartagena.  Elders Jackson, Brown, Banbury and Pardo.

 Concilio, March 5, 2013

Left to right:  Elders Estrada, Peterson, Dangerfield, Salmeron, Bird, Gochez, McGarry, Jackson, President Deere, Elders Mambo, Brown, Hooper, Barahona, Jones, Valenzuela, Cortes, Berrett, Mockler, Rodriguez and Gomes.
Elder Barahona and Elder Jones bought matching ties for Elder Barahona's last day.  He finished his mission on Tuesday, March 5.  Goodbye Elder Barahona!
And hello Elder Medina!  He arrived last week from Texas, and is now working in Malaga 1 with Elder Jones.  Welcome Elder Medina!

 Here are three brave (?) Elders (Elders Walker, Bird and Geest) trying a home remedy for a cold that someone told them about.  They boiled a lemon and a head of garlic in water, then drank the liquid before bed.  They don't recommend it.  It didn't help the colds, and gave them bad breath.
 Here's a little of the past and the future.  Remember these faces?  In the back, Elder Crawford, the soon-to-be Hermana Childers (coming soon to our mission), Elders Card and Taylor.  In the front, Hermanas Ross, Capener and Sturgess.  Hermana Childers was rooming with Hermanas Capener and Sturgess.  Que pequeno es el mundo!

Elders Webb, Keller and Nunez got to change a tire of a woman Elder Hooper and Elder Nunez are teaching.   Lucky she needed help when a bunch of missionaries were there!

Elder Estrada and Elder Sanhueza having a little friendly fun in the snowstorm that hit a few weeks ago.

It even snowed a bit in Malaga too!  Hermana Wilcox, Moreno and our daughter Annie.
(Note to Elders:  Notice how Hermanas just smile and hold snow--they don't throw it at each other.)
Elders Walker, Geest and Gochez in Sevilla 1 have been working on their pushups.  I have bad news Elder Geest--Elder Ryan Jones did 117 when he was here for Concilio!


  1. President and Sister Deere. Our son opened his mission call tonight here in Washington State. He'll be arriving at the Madrid MTC on July 24 and then ariiving in your mission. We've had a great time looking through your wonderful blog and are so excited for Elder Buttars to be in your care!!! Brock and Arlene Buttars and Elder Bradley Buttars

  2. I'm so excited to have found this blog. My son Calvin Wiley, from Seattle, WA just arrived last week in Madrid. He'll be with you all in Malaga in just 5 more weeks. Thanks for this wonderful blog and helping us parents get a glimpse into the great work you are all doing! Plus I told Calvin he needs to "bust" that push up record!

    Suzie & Scott Wiley