Sunday, March 31, 2013

Semana Santa and 3 new missionaries

Elder Medina and Elder Jones in Malaga 1 with a Mother and son who joined together




Elder Bird and Elder Gochez in Sevilla

and here they are again

Elder Woodford and Elder Bivens in Jerez
Last Tuesday the Wilsons from Alpine Utah arrived!  They will be working in Alcala, just outside of Sevilla.  Welcome!
And Elder Olsen traveled all by himself but made it safely here on Wednesday.  He is working with Elder Jones and Elder Powell in Malaga 3. 

 This looks like lunchtime after a Malaga Zone Training Meeting.  From left to right, Hermana Hodson, Elders Jones, Seely, Mambo, Rojas, Medina, Peroni, Hermanas Wilcox and Moreno, Elders Powell and Jones, and Hermana Petru. 




Malaga preparation day with a few extra friends..
A favorite P-day excursion that only missionaries in a few areas can make--a trip to Gibraltar.  From left to right, Hermanas Jarvis and Nelson, Elders Woodford, McGarry and Bivens, and Hermanas Roderick and Stark.  Photo credit goes to Elder Gomez, I'm guessing.
 We have monkeys in Spain!  But only on Gibraltar.  They are aggressive, hungry, and cute but very smelly.
Here's a very brief glimpse of Semana Santa in Spain.  There are processions everywhere, and we went to see this one in Malaga. These robes and tall pointed hats represent the penitent, and some wearers walk barefoot or carry chains or shackles. 
The processions have representations of Mary, and of Christ on the cross.  It seems all of Spain this week was sitting downtown watching a procession every day.  This "trono", (float or throne) was carried by about 50 men, and it swayed with each step they took.  The tronos can weigh up to 5,000 kilos.
 This is what we were doing this week...learning how to preach the Savior's gospel in His way. 

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