Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baptisms, Interviews and Training

Presidente Deere has been off touring the mission, interviewing the missionaries and training with the mission leaders.  He's not a picture guy, though, so I have no pictures about it!  But fortunately we've got a few from missionaries this week, including photos of 4 baptisms, 3 of which happened this week.   Great work, Elders y Hermanas!

In Huelva, this man baptized his wife.  Elders Crespo and Allred helped them every step of the way!


Elders Mambo and Biamont baptized a man in Jerez.  Elders Keller and Staples are there to cheer them on.  Guess what the man does for a living??

Elders Barahona and Mora with a new convert in Valdepenas.

Elders Barahona and Nunez with a handsome young man getting baptized.

Remember these guys?  Elders Alejandre and Bailey are making waves in Melilla.  In the middle is the Group Leader in Melilla. 

Elders Jackson and Woodford in Cordoba

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dia de Diamante 1.1 and a lone new Elder

Presidente Deere and I can hardly believe how hard-working, faithful and dedicated these missionaries are.  At the Zone Leader Concilio in early July, the Zone Leaders set the goal of finding 3,000 "futures", or people who give us their name and number with the understanding that missionaries will come to visit them in their  homes.  These are cold contacts off the street.  3,000! That's more than two times the number of futures from the first Dia de Diamante!   The follow-up goals are to have 200 "fechas" or baptismal dates for August, and 70 baptisms, which would dwarf the goal of 50 baptisms in May 2012 (which they miraculously reached on the last day of May).

By the time July 13 (an extra-hot day) came to a close, they had achieved an incredible 2,726 futures.  We are humbled, inspired, grateful and in awe of our great missionaries. 

Another huge success this week:  The first baptism in 2 years in Ciudad Real.  Great job Hermanas Moreno and Brimhall!

Hermanas Torres and Leon in Almeria with a woman and her granddaughter being baptized.  What a great day!

And here is Hermana Sypherd and the other Hermana Torres with a young man in Badajoz.

Elders Walton and Dangerfield with a new sister.

Here it is--the first person to be baptized in Ciudad Real for 2 years.  What a great day for Hermanas Brimhall and Moreno, and the lucky sister!

Elder Neira and Crawford with a new convert in Cartegena 3.  He married his wife 2 weeks ago so that he could be baptized. His wife was already a member.

Elders Pearce and Biamont with a new convert

Elders Card and Jordan with a new sister

Meet Elder Butler, our newest missionary!  He's headed to serve with Elder McGarry in Elche 2.

Some American patriots!

Hermanas Gibson and Martin were excited for both Dia de Diamante and finding this sign!

Elder Dangerfield was feeling patriotic on July 4th too.

Here's Elder Anderson hanging out with Tigger in the sock section of a store on p-day...

Hermanas Torres, Deere and Brimhall. Elder Pedersen sneaks into any picture he can!

Don't know where this is, but it looks like Elders Anderson, Geest, Card, Mardones, Gomez and Barbosa are having a great p-day!

More of our happy Hermanas!  Hna. Torres, Torres, Perera, Leon and Sypherd, and Hermana Martin's cute little face squished in the middle.

We end the blog this week with Elder Jones doing some creative contacting. 

Although Elder Norton's technique looks even better, the guy down the street doesn't look impressed at all!  But we are Elder Norton!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baptisms, Zone Conference, New Elders and a mouse

What a week!  Presidente and Hermana Deere were able to meet all the missionaries at our first Zone Conference, and then we had an outstanding group of new Elders begin their missions. We also got to meet with their trainers and are excited to see what great things come from these 6 new companionships. 

People say "you can't baptize in Europe".  Not so!  The mission had a banner week last week with 11 baptisms, and today, Friday, July 13, 2012, all the missionaries are out in their areas contacting all day long.  It is Dia de Diamante today, and as of 2pm, our amazing missionaries had 1146 "futures", or names and contact information of people who are interested in what we have to teach them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Spain Malaga Mission is doing a miraculous work today. 


Elders Triana and Thomas with a young girl being baptized in Malaga 1

Elders Fowkes and Peterson with a new sister in Chiclana.

Elders Jackson and Woodward with a new brother in Cordoba

Hermanas Perera and Martin with a new brother in Malaga 3

Elders Bird and Hales in Alicante were all smiles when they baptized a beautiful family in Alicante.  It just doesn't get any better than this!

This photo might have been in last week, but it's worth repeating!  Elders Berrett and Cooper were so blessed to work with this family. And I don't know if there's a cuter little guy in Spain than this little guy.

Zone Conference in Seville.  In front are three of our children:  Annie (16), Justin (13) and Jackson (22)

Zone Conference in Murcia

No, Sister Brown, your son hasn't grown even taller.  We just had to use a mini podium for our Zone Conference in Murcia and couldn't resist seeing what Elder Brown would look like preaching from that podium.


6 new Elders arriving in Malaga on July 10th

One of the many duties of our fearless ayudantes.  Notice all the cameras hanging from their arms...

Here they are again, ready to find out who their first companions will be!

And here are the mighty Elders and Sisters who will teach our new Elders how to be a great missionary.

Meet Elder Gomes who will be serving with Elder Blanch in Cacares

Meet Elder Henriquez who will serve with Elder Thornley in Sevilla 2

Here's Elder Neira who will be serving with Elder Crawford in Cartegena 3

Here we have Elder Pascua with Elder Rencher, and they are headed to Alcala

 Meet Elder Rojas who will serve with Elder Hafen in Jaen

Elder Tudela will serve with Elder Peterson in Chiclana

Why is Elder Rencher brushing his teeth in the kitchen???  Because some little animal has been causing trouble in the Elder's apartment bathroom.  Because of this little animal who has been chewing up plumbing, all the Elders had to take turns using the hall bathroom upstairs, and they were very patient about the whole thing.  This little mouse or whatever it is is NOT welcome here! 

Why are you frowning Elder Triana??  We heard you and Elder Thomas had 17 investigators at church on Sunday!  SEVENTEEN.  DIEZ Y SIETE!

I'm sure this man loves these missionaries, but he probably needed an extra long medio dia after they left.

P-day adventures with Elders Triana, Mora and Long.   I'm not sure who the big one in the back is...

P-day for the Malaga missionaries at the Malaga Castle

Elder Hunt and his stinky friend at Gibraltar.  The monkey was hoping to find something good to eat in Elder Hunt's hair.

And finally, this photo that Annie took at Gibraltar.  Every mother loves her baby.  Mothers and Fathers at home, know that we love your sons and daughters too. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In the Beginning...

To the dear parents, friends and family of the great missionaries in the Spain, Malaga Mission, WELCOME!  We feel humbled and honored to serve with your sons and daughters in this beautiful place.  We have met many of them already, and are so impressed with their obedience, diligence and faith.

 I (Hermana Deere) have been "stalking" Hermana Clegg's blog since the day we learned our assignment, and  while it will take some time to get this process down, I will continue the blog as best I can!  As the mother of a recently returned missionary (Uruguay Montevideo Mission) and a currently serving missionary (Arizona Tucson Mission), I know how precious each bit of information can be.   So be patient with me as I learn, and I hope you enjoy the blog of the best mission in todo el mundo! 

Elders Card and Barbosa with a new brother in Elche
The Elders of Elche

Elder   Barbosa on the big day

Elders Jackson and Thornley with one of their friends

Good news!  (1) Elder Jackson works really hard and (2) we can't smell them!

Wonderful kitchen helpers:  Elders Nally, Hunt, Manning and Pedersen

Dinnertime at the concilio Monday July 2, 2012.  I'd say they were only this happy when the food came out, but they're always this happy.  These mission leaders are the best!

Elders Berrett and Cooper with a soon-to-be forever family! 

Last but not least, Elders Peters and Banbury with two new Hermanas in Dos Hermanas. 
    Love, Hermana Deere