Sunday, February 23, 2014

Transfers: 8 arrive, 11 leave

Elders Day and Buckway in Chiclana.

Elders Warburton and Alomia in Cordoba.

Elders Gutierrez and Lindley in Crevillente.

Hermanas Stark, Cameron and Elder Turley in Malaga 3.

The best kind:  This young husband baptized his wife.  Elders Read and Orr in Aljarafe (Castilleja).

Elders Caceres and Anguaya in Sevilla 1.

Lots of support at a baptism in Valdepenas.  Pictured with Elder Lish and Elder Christiansen.

A cosecha in Benidorm! 

Almost all the Sevilla 1 missionaries.  Pictured from left to right, a member, Hermanas Coloma and Fumero, Elders Tenney, McConnaughey, Anguaya and Caceres.  There are two more companionships in Sevilla 1 besides these!

OK, here we go.  We had a very busy week with 8 new missionaries arriving from the MTC in Madrid.  Eleven missionaries departed for home two days later.  First, here are our new arrivals:

Welcome to our newest missionaries:  left to right:  Elders Narcizo, Fisher, Ward and Gonzales.  Front row, Hermanas Ashby, Read, Robayo and Herrera.

Hermana Read will be trained by Hermana Brown in Alicante 2.

Elder Narcizo will be trained in Alicante 1 by Elder Metcalf.

Elder Ward will be trained by Elder Evans in Cartagena 3 (Los Alcazares).

Hermana Ashby will be trained in Granada by Hermana Parilla.

Hermana Herrera will be trained in Fuengirola by Hermana Clark.

Elder Fisher will be trained in Valdepenas by Elder Lish.

Elder Gonzales will be trained in Murcia 2 by Elder Allen.

Hermana Robayo will be trained by Hermana Heaton in Malaga 3.

We had a great game of group/speed/bilingual scrabble the night before these viejos left.  The Tenney/Keller team won.

And there they are for the last time, our group of 11 going home.  Hermanas Wilcox, Daly, Stark, Greenwood, Ramsay, Poulton, President Deere (not going anywhere), Elders Keller, Berrett, Mardones, Aviles and Tenney.  Notice the Elder's feet.  At least the American ones.  We already miss you all.

Hermana Greenwood's family came to pick her up.  Look closely--there are two Hermana Greenwoods!

Elder Berrett and his family are still roaming around Spain.

Hermana Daly and her parents.

Hermana Stark and her parents. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm out of blog titles this week.

Elders Mardones and Ellsworth in Alcazar de San Juan.

Hermanas Morris, Poulton and Lyons in Cartagena 2.

Elders Wiley and England in Malaga 2.

Hermanas Becerra and Heaton in Malaga 3.

Elder Baker and Elder Peters in Murcia 1.

Hermanas Brown and Nielsen in Alicante 2.

Elders Farrell and Nyland in Alicante 2.

Elders Adams and Bastian in Sevilla 2.

Hermanas Theobald and Daly in Elche 2.

Las guapas de San Fernando!  Left to right, Hermanas Blake, Plummer, Andrus and Folsom.  In the middle, Hermana Childers.  In front, Hermana Herrera and Moreno.

Lorca, open for restoration (of the Gospel).

The wonderful Malaga Zone. Back row, left to right: Elders Quierolo, Tudela, Bivens, Keller, Sanhueza, Guarcax, Scheible, Wiley, Shoell, England, Turley, Mercado, Berry and Galarza.  Front row: Hermanas Heaton, Chavez, Becerra, Flake, Stark, Cameron, Hoffman, Hansen, Israelsen, Andrew, and Elders Landinez, Chumbipuma, Wilson and Smith.

Hermanas Plummer and Andrus in a really cool cathedral.

Elder Neira preaching in Alcoy.

A little rain and wind can't stop Elder Anguaya and Elder Tenney.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Concilio and some really cool p-days


Elders Berrett and Vergara in Jerez.

Hermanas Fumero and Coloma in Sevilla 1.

Elder Neira: "Predicad a todo pueblo tribu y lengua."
Concilio, February 4-5, 2014
Front row:  Hermanas Flanders, Johnson, Israelsen, Flake, President and Hermana Deere, Hermanas Brown, Anderson, Wilcox and Kunz.  Back row:  Elders Merchan, Vergara, Olsen, Ellsworth, Easton, Patterson, Webb, Keller, Crapo, Bivens, Scheible, Adams, Flores, Bastian, Berrett, Bassett, Skousen, Flint, Tudela, Rojas, Mardones and Pena.
Morning stretches in La Mancha.  Technique not recommended.

Hermana Kunz gleefully opening Elder Ellsworth's letter with her hobbit sword.

Elders Oliver, Dansie, Proctor and Oldroyd at the southern tip of Europe.
Elders Crapo, Castillo, Flint, Keller and Scheible at El Torcal.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lots of baptisms and one more hermana leaves

Elder Proctor in Algeciras.

Elder Antezana and Elder Marchant in Sevilla 2.

Elders Easton and Merchan in Sevilla 1.

Hermanas Hoffman, Childers and Folsom in Puerto Santa Maria.

Hermanas Becerra and Heaton in Malaga 3.

Hermana Camacho, Elder Allsop and Hermana Demayola in Jaen.

Hermanas Andrus, Folsom and Childers in Puerto again.

Hermana Coloma, Elder Tenney and Hermana Fumero in Sevilla 1.

Elders Adams and Bastian in Sevilla 2.
Elder Scheible and Elder Keller in Malaga 1.

The Fuengirola crowd celebrating Elder Castillo's birthday: Elders Puelles, Flint and Crapo, and Hermanas Noriega, Clark and Reed.  And of course the birthday boy.

Elders Buttars and Aviles, and I have no idea what they are doing.

Preparation day in Alicante!
Hermana Cano finished her mission last week.  Here she is pictured with her dad, President Deere and me, and her mom and brother, all the way from Jerez.