Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 Arrive, 7 Depart

We love every baptism, but this week seems to be full of extra-special things:  "old" missionaries baptizing in their last week of the mission, "new" missionaries baptizing in their first transfer, family members of new converts joining together, family members of "rescued" members joining, and a shout-out to the rescue effort of missionaries long gone from an area.   This is what we call "Real Growth"!!

Elder Keller and Elder Webb in Sevilla in Elder Webb's first transfer.

Elder Geest and Elder Walker in Sevilla in Elder Geest's last week.

Elder Pena and Elder Berrett in Almeria in Elder Berrett's last week.  This young man was a miracle find, and now his family is meeting with the missionaries too.

Elder Powell and Elder Jones in Malaga 3, with family members of a recent convert in Fuengirola. 

Hermana Chavez and Hermana Torres with some young converts in Cartagena with a shout out to the Hermanas who worked with their mother months ago. 

And here are Hermana Chavez and Torres again with some help from Elders Jackson and Brown. 

Elder Powell and Jones again in Malaga 3.  Dad was baptized the week before and received the Aaronic Priesthood so he could baptize his son the next week. 

Elder Peters and Gutierrez in Puertollano.

Meet our 10 new missionaries who arrived this week! 

Meet our newest group of missionaries to arrive from Madrid.  From left to right, Elders Paxman, Fernandez, Navarro, Hermana Moreno, Hermana Deere, Elder Larios, President Deere, Elders Johnson, Wilson, Bastian and Flores.  Hermana Moreno is our FIRST younger-than-21 sister!

And here's one more!  Elder Richardson arrived in the airport a few hours later.  Poor Elder Richardson was the only one who spend the night before on a plane, but he got through the first day like a champ. 

Elder Merchán and Elder Bastian are headed to Chiclana

 Elder Webb and Elder Flores will work in Jaén

 Elder Triana and Elder Johnson are opening up Albacete

 Elder Fernandez and Elder Lish are working in Elche 1

 Elder Larios and Elder Norton will work in Aljarafe

 Hermana Brimhall and Hermana Moreno will work in Málaga 2

 Elder Navarro and Elder Walker will work in Sevilla

 Elder Peña and Elder Paxman are going to Almería

 Elder Richardson and Elder Lucero will work in Algeciras

 Elder Chumbipuma and Elder Wilson are going to Cáceres

We also lost some:

So long to these 7 great Elders.  After President Deere, Elders Peterson, Geest, Allred, Gibson, Berrett, Blanch and Nally.  We will miss you!!

 Elder Nally´s family came from Arizona to pick him up. 

 Elder Berrett´s family came to get him also.  Here he is with Mom and Dad, 

 and his little sister.  It´s ok to put your arm around your sister before you´re released! 

The lovely hermanas of Granada on a fun preparation day at the Alhambra. From left to right: Hermana Johns, Daly, Brimhall, Martin and Cano.

The Malaga missionaries in front of the Roman theater at the base of the Malaga castle.  Back row:  Elders Rojas, Mambo, Jones, Peroni, Hermana Moreno, Elder Seely, Hermana Moreno, Elder Jones.  Front row:  Elder Powell and Elder Medina.
 The chaos you normally don't see before a photo is taken...  This is after a Zone Training Meeting with both Sevilla zones.  Thanks Elder Warburton for sharing!

Now for a pushup update.  Hermanas, pushups are good for women too!  It´s time for us to get in shape!  I'm starting a pushup board for Hermanas, so add flexiones to your morning exercise.  If you can't do any, you can start on your knees and work up.  I can do a solid 2 pushups on my toes now.  Send me your number!
The Elders are having so much fun with pushups, we might have to have a "50 Club", "100 Club", and a leader board.  Here's the latest:
Elder Blanch has a solid lead right now, but once you go home, you can't update your number anymore. 
Elder Ryan Jones is second with 117.  Knowing Elder Jones, he won't be #2 for long.  
Hermanas, get going with the flexiones!! 


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