Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of baptisms and the Wilsons finish

Algeciras and La Linea Elders:  From left to right Elders Black, Weenig, Cowley, Mitchell, Anguaya and England.

Elders Baker and Varela in Almeria.

Elders Castillo and Crandall in Cartagena 2.

Elders Gamble, (Navarro), Buckway and Chapple in Elche 1.

Several new members in Granada.  Elders Quinn, Adamson, Metcalf, Pomazon and Hermanas Giler and Anderson.

Elders Hill and Reseigh in Cartagena 3.

Elders Hill and Reseigh again in Los Alcazares (Cartagena 3).

A wedding in Molina which means...

A baptism the next day!  Shown with Elders Johnson, Harman, Letts and Marchant.

Hermanas Olson and Johnson in Almeria.

Elders Reid and Thomson in Murcia 2.
A wedding in Malaga which means...
The couple was baptized the next day.  Shown with Elders Reading, Durrant, Skousen, the former Elder Cortez, Elders Ellsworth, Phipps and Nyland.


Rooftop baseball in Malaga.

Elder Lindley getting a lukewarm reception.

Elders Adamson, Metcalf, Proctor and Quinn lost a bet.

Planning in Granada.

Elders Thia and Bussell celebrating Valentines Day.

Our friends the Wilsons finished their mission last week.  They did wonderful things in Alcala but are enjoying being with their family now! We miss you Wilsons! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

We love our District Leaders

Elders Alomia, Lindley and Martin in Malaga 1.

Elders Brewer and Curtis in Almeria.

Elders Curtis and Stockwell in Almeria.

Elders Reynolds and Fisher in Alicante 2.

Elders Varela and Baker in Almeria.

An epic Zone Meeting in the Granada Zone.

Celebrating one year as a member of the church with Sisters Knowles and Benavides in Cartagena 2.

Snow in Granada!

Meet our District Leaders.  They came from all across the mission last week for an overnight training, and we loved having them.  They are the "first responders" for the missionaries and a key part of mission leadership.  They are diligent, caring, and they EAT.   A LOT!

District Leader Training, 11 Feb 2015
Front row, left to right:  Elders Hill, Nyland, Love, Chapple, Simon, Baker, Miranda, Christiansen, Buttars, Anguaya, Pomazon, Guarcax, Landinez, Day, Tenorio, Sister and President Deere.  Back row, left to right:  Elders Streibeck, Enfield, Favero, Sykes, Crandall, Navarro, Marshall, Reynolds, Orr, Turley, Lindley, Harman, Shoell, Webb, Berry.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week in Review

Elders Bates, Harman and Gonzalez in Cartagena 1.

I can't remember where this is, but it's still a great day!

Elders Buttars and Galarza in Jaen.

Elders Crandall and Miller in Cartagena 2.

Elders Simon and Lelegren in Puertollano.

Concilio Normal, 3 February 2015

Concilio Loco, 3 Feb 2015. 
Look how crazy President Deere is.  And Elder Chavez too.

Concilio Hermanas

Our Cartagena missionaries.

The Granada District.

Hermanas Stradling and Steffensen making s'mores with the only heat in their apartment.

Paparazzi in Mijas Pueblo.  Elders Adamson, Farrell and Wiley.

Poor Elder Ellsworth was sick on his birthday!

Elders Striebeck and Dansie in San Fernando.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

White January

Elders Gonzalez and Stockwell in Cartagena 1.

Elders Reading and Nyland in Malaga 4.

The Malaga 4 crew with two new members:  Elders Reading, Durrant, Ellsworth, Nyland, and Hermanas Volpe and Arce.

Elders Phipps and Letts in Molina.

Hermanas Brown and Gallegos in Murcia 1.

A little fun in Alicante:  Hermana Ancalle, Elders Christiansen, Blasi, Paxman and Allsop.

Double twins:  Sisters Read and Birnbaumer and Elders Mangum and Evans.

Algeciras Elders:  Elders Mitchell, Black, Cowley and Anguaya.