Monday, December 29, 2014

Zone Conference

Elders Letts and Phipps in Malaga 4.

Elders Durrant, Ellsworth, Reading and Nyland in Malaga 4.
A wedding which means...
A baptism in Malaga 1!  Shown with President Deere, Elders Rojas and Skousen.


Elders Rojas and Skousen in Malaga 1.

Christmas morning breakfast in the San Fernando zone.

The sisters contacted these guys on the way to the breakfast and they came!

Zone activity in Malaga.

Malaga Zone

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Zone Conference in Malaga, December 22, 2014

Zone Conference Murcia, 17 December 2014

Zone Conference Sevilla, 18 December, 2014.

This is our daughter Annie and Hermana Arce, who I think looks an awful lot like Annie!  A few members in Malaga have mistaken her for Annie too. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Bit of Everything

Elders Gonzalez and Chavez in Alcazar de San Juan.

Elders Zech, Guarcax, Vergara and Mitchell in Almeria.

Elder Narcizo (left) baptized this young man in Caceres with no help!  Elder Webb said he did it on the first try! 

Sisters Folsom and Knowles in Fuengirola.

Elders Gunderson and Medina in Torrevieja.

Elders Nyland and Gonzalez in Malaga 2.

Sisters Ancalle, Herrera and Blake in Alicante 1.

Our Sister Daines is doing well after an emergency surgery.  Keep her in your prayers!

We have the best senior missionaries in the world.  They all met in Cordoba this week to see La Mezquita.  President Deere and I can't imagine doing this without them. Some live in far away branches and wards strengthening the leaders and members, and others are right in the middle of everything in the office or taking care of the medical needs of our missionaries.  We love them!  From left to right, (don't know first guy), Elder and Sister Wiscombe from Alcazar de San Juan, crouching in front is Sister Nielsen, then the Redds who are in Caceres, the Coombs who work in the office, the Wilsons from Alcala de Guadaira near Seville, the Guffeys (military relations in Rota), and the Frosts (Sister Frost is a Physician's Assistant and takes care of our missionaries, and Elder Frost will work with young single adults in the Granada Stake). 
Among all their other responsibilities, they love and care for the missionaries near them.  We all appreciate them so much!

A little Christmas cheer from the Granada District. 

The Guffey's daughter sent them these fun stockings--so cute!

Elder Guffey reports: This was a dinner for the San Fernando Zone we had last Friday.  It took 2 20lb turkeys, 2 Turkey Roasts, 2 spiral Hams, 4 boxes of stuffing, 3 can cranberry sauce, 2 crock pots of green bean casarole, 2 dishes of sweet potatoes, 30 lbs of mashed potatoes, 15 packets of gravey, 2 pumpkin 3 pecan 1 apple pies and 48 cans of soda (Elder Milius made babel tower out them), to feed them.  It was a great time ending with singing carols with the Rota Branch. 

The San Fernando zone--not sure if this is before of after the big dinner.  Notice the Christmas lights around the microphone.  Nice!

And finally today, "Proctor and Gamble", makers of many fine products used by people all over the world.  Except the order they are seated is Elder Gamble and Elder Proctor.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Transfers: 17 Arrive, 18 Depart

13 New missionaries arrived by train from the Madrid MTC on Tuesday, 8 December.

And four more arrived at the airport straight from the States.

Elder Barnes will be trained by Elder Landinez in Huelva.

Elder Bean will be trained in Fuengirola by Elder Berry.

Elder Wagner will work in Sevilla 1 with Elder Tenorio.

Elder McConnaughey will train Elder Alexander in the Torremolinos area of Malaga 2nd Ward.

Elder Reading will work in Malaga 4 with Elder Nyland.

Elder Easton will train Elder Prescott in Crevillente.

Elder Hamblin will be trained by Elder Bleazard in Huercal Overa.

Elder Webb will train Elder Wiltbank in Caceres.

Elder Reseigh will be trained by Elder Allen in the Los Alcazares area of Cartagena 3.

Elder Blasi will be trained by Elder Christiansen in Alicante 1.
Sister Garcia will train Sister Causaj in Benidorm.

Sister Lionetti will train Sister Curtis in Elche 1.

Hermana Estes will be trained by Hermana Hurtado in Sevilla 2.

Hermana Evelo will be trained by Hermana Ashby in Cadiz.

Hermana Johnson will be trained by Hermana Hubbard in Almeria.

Hermana Brown will train Hermana Gallegos in Murcia 1.

Hermana Merrill will train Hermana Benavides in Cartagena 2.

This great group of missionaries returned home this week.  Sister Cerna also finished her mission but is not pictured.  We love you Elders and Sisters!

Friday, December 5, 2014

We baptize in Spain!

Elders Chavez and Gonzalez in Alcazar de San Juan with two new members.

Sisters Cameron and Miller in Malaga 1.

Sisters Read and Smith in Malaga 3.

Elders Phipps and Ellsworth, and Sisters Crockett and Arce in Malaga 4.

Elders Proctor and Day in Sevilla 2.

Elders Simon (front), Flores and Quinn in Puertollano.

Elders Adamson and Lelegren in San Fernando 2.
You may notice I never identify the converts in these pictures.  Please don't mistake that for not caring who they are or what their story is.  It's actually because I've been instructed to be careful about who I identify online.  They are treasured people to our missionaries and of course to the Lord, and we welcome them into the church, but for privacy purposes, they remain unnamed on this blog.   

Where's Waldo?  Oh it's Sister and Elder Castillo buried underneath their grandchildren! Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Castillo clan who now have their parents/grandparents home!