Saturday, August 24, 2013

555 in process...

Elder Gochez and Elder Keller in Fuengirola.

Hermanas Ramsay, Theobald and Grant in Fuengirola.  Elder Castillo got to baptize our friend.

Elders Navarro, Peters and Barbosa in Malaga.

A whole family in Molina!  Shown with Elders Ellsworth and Walker.

Elders Allen and Salmeron in Nerja.


Cadiz District

Here's 555 again.  What does it mean?  A few things:  Our baptism goal for 2013, but also our goal for new investigators this week.  We are going to be close! Thanks for the reminder Elders Walker, Ellsworth and Berry.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seeking 555 and trouble at the mission home

Hermanas Nelson and Cano in Cartagena.

Elder Pascua in Cartagena.

Elders Leon and Wiley in Crevellente.

Elder Whetten and Elder Hooper in Puerto Santa Maria.
Elders Neira, Smith and Larios in Puertollano.


Hermanas Thompson and Noriega in Benidorm.


Elders Pascua and Tenney with a reminder of what's coming this week.  We have a goal as a mission to find 555 new investigators in one week.  The most we have ever found in a week is 234.  Please pray for us to be led to them, or for them to be led to us!




Cartagena Zone Training Meeting

Defenders of the Faith!


No, we aren't remodeling the mission home.  Some guys emptied out the little kitchen while trying to locate a water leak.  After all that work, it wasn't in the kitchen.
They found the leak here.  The leak is fixed, but now they have to fix the holes in the walls...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A train station reunion

Hermana Brimhall, Elders Bird, Peters and Jackson, and President Deere at a wonderful baptism in Malaga 1.  With the baptism of the mother and daughter, now the whole family are members and are planning to go to the temple to be sealed as soon as they can. 

Hermanas Roan and Moreno in Malaga 2.

Elder Mardones and Elder Miranda in Sevilla 2.

Hermanas Guymon and Wilcox in Badajoz, with a shout-out to Hermana Chavez.

Here is a sweet reunion story about Elder Buckway (left) and Elder Read (right).  They didn't know each other before the mission.  Several months ago, Elder Read's mom saw a photo of Elder Buckway on the blog, and thought he looked a lot like the Elder Buckway who baptized her in France in the 1980's.  She contacted us, and we contacted Elder Buckway, and learned that it was Elder Buckway's uncle who baptized Elder Read's mother so many years ago. They have been able to communicate with each other after decades without contact.  What a wonderful tender mercy for Sister Read and Elder Kim Buckway.  I wonder what reunions like this will happen in the future with our current missionaries' newly baptized converts?

Concilio, August 5-6, 2013

Good morning Spain!

Elder Whetten talking with everyone in Gibraltar. I think this guy has heard it before. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baptisms near and far, and the Spainhowers

Elders Triana (who came back from the other side to perform the baptism), Elders Easton and Mercado in Albacete.

Hermanas Greenwood and Camacho in Alicante 2.

Hermanas Ramsay, Theobald and Grant in Fuengirola.

Elders Gochez and Estrada in Fuengirola.

Hermanas Roan and Moreno in Malaga 2.

This is a special one--this is one of Hermana Muse's good friends getting baptized in Longview, Texas. 

Elder Butler with a goal in his head.

Our brilliant office staff displaying our goal.  I think this one is my favorite!!

P-day fun in El Palmeral in Elche.

From Hermana Brimhall:  "This girl was baptized last weekend and this weekend started a mini mission with Hna Poulton and I. THAT´s a convert ON FIRE!!! Go Alison."

P-day fun in Italica, a really, really cool site of a Roman theater,  just outside of Sevilla.

And last but not least, here is a photo of the Spainhowers (Hermana Spainhower in the front row, last one on the right, and Elder Spainhower, the last one on the left in the back row), along with the young adults from Malaga.  The Spainhowers finished their mission last week.  We miss you, and thank you for all your service in the Spain Malaga Mission!  We love you!