Thursday, October 25, 2012

One new Hermana and a little explanation


Happy Preparation day Elders y Hermanas! Baptisms first, as always:

In Jerez, Elders Cooper, Bradley, Biamont and Woodford

Elder Geest helping out Hermanas Letendre and Nelson in Malaga

And here they are again!

This new brother was taught by Elders Barahona and Pascua, and moved to Almeria just before he was baptized.  Pictured with the very happy Hermanas Petru and Brimhall. 
Have you ever wondered why I never put the names of our investigators in the blog?  There is a reason!  In our training at the Mission President Seminar in June 2012 , we were told that if we do a blog, to be very careful not to put too much information on it.  They specifically told that we can include names of missionaries (since they send the pictures in the first place), but we shouldn't identify new converts or other members by name.
So, parents and friends at home, please know that we know their names, and we love them and care for them, but for privacy reasons, we never refer to our new brothers and sisters by name in the blog.  
Welcome to our newest missionary!  Hermana Chavez arrived in Cartagena this week.  She will be trained by Hermana Moreno, with a little help from Hermana Woodward before she passes on...    Pictured from left to right, Hermanas Woodward, Chavez, Moreno, Presidente Deere (and two guys on the train). 
Welcome Hermana Chavez!

 Our lovely lunching Granada Hermanas:  Hermana Petru, Brimhall, Leon, Cano, Vasquez and Torres. 

 A 3-generation family picture:  Hermana Vasquez trained Hermana Torres, who is training Hermana Cano. 

Elders Long and Hales enjoying the beauty of the earth! 

Murcia Zone Conference
And here they are again having lunch after the meeting.
We love you Elders and Hermanas.  Have a great week!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Concilio and a "small world" story

Elders Geest and Triana in Malaga 1
In Malaga 3, Elders Forrest and Lucero
A baptism in Murcia 1.  Hermana Torres and Martin taught these sisters.
Elders Nunez and Long in Malaga
And Elders Nunez and Norton in Malaga
Elders Mendoza and Thomas in Puertollano
When the Zone Leaders come to the Mission Home for Concilio, they love checking out the transfer board.

Concilio, 9 October 2012

Elders, left to right:  Peterson, Valenzuela, Nally, Triana, Rodriguez, Salmeron, Banbury, Geest, President and Hermana Deere, Elders Seely, Dangerfield, Jones, Jackson, Rodriguez, Wright, McGarry, Hunt, Estrada and Manning. 
Here's what it looks like when everyone heads back to the train station.
Elder Thornley sent this picture of a cute little cousin of  a recent covert in Sevilla.   Way to share the Gospel with everyone Elder Thornley!
While President Deere was away this week at Specialized Training, I went to weekly planning with Hermanas Letendre and Nelson.  Hermana Letendre wasn't feeling well, and I look a little over-excited, but it was great for me to learn from the pros.  Thanks Hermanas!
Here's the "small world" story:  Our son Jackson was running in a 1/2 marathon recently.  Before the race, he heard someone telling another person in Spanish that his brother was serving a mission in Spain.  Jackson asked which mission?  "Spain Malaga!"  Who's his brother?  "Elder Estrada!"  Here is Jackson pictured with Elder Estrada's parents.   Que pequeno es el mundo!

Friday, October 12, 2012

General Conference, Districts unified

Baptisms first!

Elder Dangerfield and Estrada in Sevilla
Elder Adams and Hafen in Jaen
Elders Brown and Kirkham

Elders Mora and Berrett
And here they are again...


Elders Peters and Shrewsbury in Utrera
Elder Rojas, and I'm not sure if this is in Jaen or Algeciras...

Elders Thornley and Keller in Sevilla

Elders Tudela and Peterson in Chiclana
District Meeting in Malaga--probably the last one with Elder and Hermana Massaro!
This is serious District unity!!
Here's what the office Elders did to keep themselves from being distracted by the sign language guy while watching Conference.

Hermana Vasquez after taking the English exam.  Way to go Hna Vasquez!  Pictured here with Hermanas Martin, Torres, and Los Massaro. 
Ice cream at the Spainhowers...
What happens after our trainers and new missionaries leave for the train station.  I predict we will receive more Hermanas in the future.
Elders Hooper, Leon and Geest. 
We hope you enjoyed General Conference--what a wonderful weekend it was! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing 11 New Missionaries!


Baptisms first!

Elders Peters and Shrewsbury in Utrera

Hermanas Martin and Gibson in Murcia

Elder Hales and Wright in Alicante

 What a supportive Ward!
Elders Keller and Thornley in Sevilla

Elders Hafen and Rojas in Jaen.  They are going to need a bigger building in Jaen...

A few odds and ends:

Hermana Massaro's cinnamon rolls.  Mmmmmm...

A cosecha in Murcia, and
Elder Rodriguez loves dogs.  Did you know that?  I didn't.

Introducing our 11 new missionaries who arrived on 3 October 2012:

Here we go.  We are all in this together.  In every way!

The hymn before assignments...everyone is so excited!!

Hermana Cano from (believe it or not...) Jerez!  She will be serving with Hermana Torres in Granada.  Welcome!  (And Elder Hunt)

Elder Adams from the U.K. will be serving with Elder Hafen in Jaen. 

Elder Chumbipuma will serve with Elder Bird in Almeria.  Welcome!  (Hi Elder Hunt)

Elder Leon is serving with Elder Hooper in Cordoba.  Bienvenidos!  (Hola Elder Hunt)

Elder Lucero is serving in Malaga with Elder Forrest.  (Elder Hunt)

Elder Merchan is serving with Elder Hales in Cartagena.  (Elder Hunt's smile is getting a little fake now.)

On the right, Elder Pardo will serve in Alcazar de San Juan with Elder Jones.  (Elder Hunt's arm is getting tired.)

Elder Rodriguez will serve with Elder Kirkham in Malaga. Elder Hunt still smiling in the back.

Elder Pena will serve with Elder Gomes in Caceres. (Perservar hasta el fin, Elder Hunt)

Elder Sandelin will serve with Elder Berrett in Puerto de Santa Maria. Elder Hunt no longer smiling.

 Last but not least, Elder Scheible will serve with Elder Gochez in San Lucar.
Justin was so excited he wanted to be a missionary too.

Mmmmm.  Thanks for the help Elder Bird!

The whole group of new missionaries and their companions. 

The future here is so bright we can't even see!

With all these new missionaries, it's a perfect time to go over a few rules. 

Remember, President Deere said you can always find 15 minutes in a day for an ice cream cone.  Enjoy, sisters!

No.  Just no!
Welcome everyone!  We are glad you are with us!  Have a great week everyone!  Love, Hermana Deere
P.S. So long old friends.  We love you and will miss you.  R.I.P.