Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Wave: 29 arrive, 14 depart

 The moment we´ve all been waiting for...

27 new missionaries arrived via the fast train on Tuesday, April 30.  Two more came straight from the States.  

Hermana Guymon (left) is assigned to Badajoz with Hermana Chavez.

 Hermana Nielsen will open a new area in Cordoba with Hermana Poulton.

 Hermana Brown will serve in Málaga with Hermana  Moreno.  President Deere insists he didn´t do that on purpose! (The Spanish word for brown is moreno...)

 Hermana Flake is assigned to work with Hermana Yardley in Granada.

 Elder Harmon will work with Elder Rodriguez in Huelva.

 Elder Tirrell will work with Elder Curtis in Utrera.

 Elder Peroni will work with Elder Bassett in Málaga 2.

 Elder Skousen is assigned to work in Málaga 3 with Elder Fowkes.

 Elder Smith is headed to Granada with Elder Nuñez.

 Hermana Jarvis and Hermana Kunz are headed to San Fernando 1.

 Hermana Roderick and Hermana Flanders will open a new area in Sevilla 1.

 Hermana Cano and Hermana Johnson will be in Málaga 3.

 Hermana Hodson and Hermana Anderson will open a new area in Jaén.

 Hermana Daly and Hermana Grant are headed to Almería.

 Elder Mardones and Elder Hall are assigned to Sevilla 2.

Elder Buckway is assigned to work with Elder Powell in Málaga 3.

Elder Pardo and Elder Sharp are headed to Jerez.

Then off to the airport to pick up Elder Turley and Hermana Childers who came straight from the Provo MTC. 

Elder Roberts and Elder Brewer are headed to Alicante 1.

Elder Dansie and Elder Nuñez are assigned to Alicante 2.

Elder Wiley and Elder Vosters are going to Crevillente.

Elder Easton is headed to Albacete with Elder Johnson.

Elder Berry and Elder Crapo are assigned to Torrevieja.

Elder Turley and Elder Oldroyd are headed to Lorca.

Elder Ellsworth and Elder Adams are going to Molina.

Elder Webb and Elder Sanhueza are opening a new area in Murcia 1.

Hermana Muse is met her companion via Skype!  Hermana Castrillo in Murcia 1 couldn´t make it to Fuengirola on time, so we had our first Skype pairing.  It´s hard to hug through a computer, but Hermana Muse made it to Murcia just fine.

Hermana Thompson and Hermana Martín will work in Benidorm.

Hermana Childers and Hermana Lovell are opening a new area in Cartagena 3.

And last but not least, Hermana Israelsen and Hermana Johns are opening a new area in Elche 2.

Finally, we sent off 14 great missionaries this week.  Hermana Moreno is in front, and Hermana Meldrum is not pictured.  In the back, Elders Mendoza,  Roa, Dangerfield, R. Jones, McGarry, Seely, Brown, Banbury, Anderson, T. Jones, Mockler and I. Rodriguez.  We love you and miss you already!  


  1. Thank you so much, Sister Deere for helping us to all feel like we are there with you. I love the picture of you and President Deere greeting your new missionaries. What a comforting and heartwarming picture for the families back home.
    love, Sister Ellsworth

  2. I've been waiting for this post!!! (It was hard to hold back the tears) My love and gratitude goes out to President and Hermana Deere for loving our sons and daughters. Thank you so much for this blog. I find great peace knowing they are taken care of. The real adventure begins for these 29 missionaries. May God bless and protect them as they bring the people of Spain the gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness!

    Love and Admiration,

    Sister Brown (Linsey's mom)

  3. President and Sister Deere, thanks for sharing some of the excitement you must have felt this week as you received so many missionaries at one time! And then to also think of the sadness of saying goodbye to so many you have come to love. Our prayers are for you to be able to continue to find great joy in this incredible journey that is service in the kingdom of the Lord.
    The 'hastening' can be felt by the whole church, and it's so wonderful that our son gets to experience it with this faithful group of missionaries. May the Lord continue to bless you for all you do. Gracias por todo...

    Bret and Wendy Bassett

  4. 6 de mayo 2013
    Presidente y hermana Deere, les saludamos desde San Juan de Pasto-Colombia, para agradecerles por todo su amor y su buena disposición para trabajar en la obra del Señor. Nos sentimos muy felices al ver ya a nuestro hijo junto a ustedes después de 7 meses de espera por su visa. También sabemos que todos ahí estarán bien cuidados. Gracias por su paciencia y amor, que el Señor les bendiga siempre y gracias muchas gracias por todo. Con amor Héctor y Ana Lucía Ordóñez, padres de élder Ordóñez

  5. This blog is fantastic! Our daughter just arrived in the Spain Madrid Mission, I was googling to see if there is a blog for her mission and came upon this one. I hope you don't mind if I follow it as I am interested in all things Spain, as of late! :)

  6. Hooray for Hermana Jarvis and Hermana Kunz! From our last e-mail from Hermana Jarvis we inferred that President Deere was inspired when he put the two of them together! Hermana Jarvis loves the work in Spain. Thank you so much, Hermana Deere for this awesome blog! We love looking at it every week, even when our daughter doesn't have a picture. It is one more connection to her that we appreciate so much.