Monday, November 24, 2014

The Castillos, the Redds and Elder and Sister Kearon

We had a wonderfully memorable week in the Spain Malaga Mission.  Each year we receive a visit from a member of our Area Presidency, and this week Elder Kearon visited our mission.  The first session was  held in Alicante with 110 missionaries from the Alicante, Elche, Cartagena, Murcia, Granada and La Mancha Zones.  The second session was held in Malaga with the remaining 110 missionaries from Malaga, Sevilla 1 and 2, and San Fernando Zones.    Elder Kearon thanked us over and over again for our service, and encouraged us to stretch  beyond where we are now, to decide to change and give the mission our all.  I personally am so grateful to Elder Kearon, his family and our other leaders and their families who so selflessly serve for years.  While our missionaries have sacrificed our time and money for 18-24 months, they sacrifice their freedom, time, entire career, and in the case of Elder Kearon move their families frequently, all to answer a call to serve the Lord.  

Elders Webb and Hannemann in Malaga 3.

Elder Castillo with Elders Phipps and Ellsworth in Malaga 4.

The Castillos finished their mission this week.  They have filled so many roles here, and helped so many of us it would be impossible to recount.  We love them so, and they will always be a fond memory from the mission, and dear friends always. 

President Marmol and his wife (not pictured) made paella for us at the Alicante chapel for our first conference held Wednesday, 19 November.  Pictured is Sister and President Deere, Elder Kearon and President Marmol, Stake President of the Cartagena Stake.

Our second session was held in Malaga on Thursday 20 November.  Pictured are President and Sister Deere, Sister and Elder Kearon, and Sister and President Jimenez, a counselor in the mission presidency.


A big welcome to Elder and Sister Redd, who will work and serve in Caceres.  They arrived just in time for our amazing conference with Elder and Sister Kearon, and we fear that they opened their mission on such a high note that it can only go downhill from here!  Pictured here are President Jimenez, Elders Narcizo and Webb, Sister and Elder Redd, President Deere and President Andy Nelson, Branch President of the Caceres Branch. Welcome Redds!
Elders Antezana and West with a new friend in Alcala.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Concilio, Halloween and work as usual

Hermanas Robayo and Carmen with Elder Reynolds and a new brother in Alicante 2.

Hermanas Samuelson and Coloma in Murcia 1.

Hermanas Brown and Samuelson in Murcia 1 again!

Hermanas Robayo and Morrow in Huelva.

Concilio, 4 November 2014

Hermanas Demayola and Hurtado at Halloween.

Missionaries in La Mancha get a little crazy after a while...

Some Granada missionaries on preparation day overlooking the Alhambra.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Transfers: 9 Arrive, 11 Depart

We received 9 new missionaries on Tuesday from the Madrid MTC.  (Sorry about the poor picture..)

Our trainers just before the big moment.

Hermana Adrian will be trained in Cartagena 3 by Hermana Jones.

Hermana Stradling will work in Valdepenas with Hermana Ancalle.

Hermana Folsom will train Hermana Knowles in Fuengirola.

Hermana Giler will train Hermana Olson in San Fernando 1.

Elder Martin will work in Malaga 1 with Elder Larios.

Elder Oliver will train Elder Moore in Fuengirola.

Elder Quispe will be trained by Elder Bastian in Mazarron.

Hermana Rodriguez will be trained by Hermana Daines in Elche 2.

Elder Wilson will train Elder Stephens in Cordoba.

These 11 missionaries finished their missions last week and are on to the next phase.  We miss you!

Elder Powell's family came to pick him up.
We also met Elder Bivens' parents.
Hermana Roan's family came too, but I accidently deleted the photo. We met her parents and two younger brothers.

Softball in Malaga.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We did it!


We did it.  The goal last week was to find 888 New Investigators.  We found 897.  It was a miraculous week!  We also set a new high in two other areas:  216 investigators in church, which is an all-time record high, and 3586 people attending church across the mission, which is also an all-time high. 

One important note for parents of missionaries who are American citizens.  In order to comply with a new health-care law, American missionaries will be asked next week to enter their social security number in the missionary portal.  If your missionary does not know his/her SSN, you have two options:  1) send your missionary their social security number so they can take care of this on their own, or 2) parents may call Missionary Medical at 1-800-777-1647 or 1-801-578-5650 Monday through Friday between 9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time to report the SSN by phone.  Please remember to address this with your missionary in your weekly correspondence on Monday.  Thank you!

Sisters Carmen and Lyons in Alicante 2 with the help of Elder Varela.

Is it just me or does it seem like we've seen this pic before?  Elders Caceres and Varela in Alicante 1.

Hermanas Noriega and Theobald in Badajoz with the first baptism there in a very long time.

Elders Bates and Farrell in Sanlucar with a baptism, also the first one in that branch for a very long time.

Elders Fisher and Landinez with an excited new member in Huelva.

Elders Johnson and Fillmore in Lorca.

Elders Larios and Datwyler in Malaga 1.

Elders Crandall and Durfey in Malaga 2.

Malaga 4 Elders with a new convert.  Elders Gonzalez, Phipps, Reid and Ellsworth.

Elders Shields and Anguaya in Murcia 1.

Elders Wilson and Simon in Cordoba.

Elders Crandall and Durfey helping these new members to look forward to the second time in white.

Football in Cordoba.

President Jimenez with Elder Pomazon.  President Jimenez is a Counselor in the Mission Presidency.  He served in our mission when it was based in Sevilla, and his mission President is the one who wrote our beloved mission hymn!

Many old beloved faces in this picture--Thanks Elder Reed!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Preparations for Finding Week

Friends and Family of the Spain Malaga Mission:  This week our mission is having a "Semana de Encontrar", or Finding Week.  Our goal is to find 888 people who have been prepared by angels and by the Holy Spirit to receive the gospel.  Please pray for us and for those we will find, and ask your missionary what their goal is for this week.  Thank you for all your love and support! 

Elders Fisher and Landinez in Huelva with the names of the Elders who started teaching him 10 YEARS ago! 

Elders Wiley and Hyatt in Elche 1.

Hermanas Camacho and Guerrero with Elder Brewer in Jerez with a new sister!

Fiesta de los Pueblos in Jaen.

Malaga 4 at a cookout in the campo.

A tense companionship inventory in Jaen with Elder Galarza and Elder Whetten. 

Cordoba Elders:  Elders Simon, Wilson, Pomazon and Read.

A picture from last week's District Conference held in Ciudad Real. Attendance was 90.

Peruvian Pride!

The Giralda Tower in Sevilla, built in the late 1100s.

The dangers of Cordoba..

Elders Ellsworth and Phipps planned for the big Week of Finding with a football coach style! 

Here's a little taste of Fall from Alpine Utah.