Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Best Senior Missionaries and Spring Cleaning

Sisters Esplin and Olson in Almeria.

A triple baptism in Malaga 3.  Missionaries shown are Elders Beuchert, Wheeler, Durrant and Erickson.

Elders Adams and Melgarejo in Alcoy.

Elders Johnson and Landinez in Molina.

Elders Lowry and Milius in Puerto de Santa Maria.

Elders Wheeler and Beuchter again in Malaga 3.

You already know the missionaries!  Congratulations to our new friends.

Some of the best senior missionaries in the world!  From left to right Elder and Sister Frost (Young single adult specialists in Malaga and medical specialist), Elder and Sister Redd (Member/Leader support, Caceres), Sister Nielsen (office specialist), and Sister and Elder Wiscombe (Member/Leader support). 

BEFORE.  The missionaries of Molina, before spring cleaning. I know this doesn't exactly show missionaries in a dignified way, but along with the next picture it shows the spring cleaning and organizing effort!

AFTER.  Much better Elders! Still need to lose the wig.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Transfer week: 9 Arrive, 9 Depart

Nine new missionaries arrived at the Malaga train station on Tuesday, April 14.

Here are some of the Elders who are training just before receiving their new companions.  Apparently there's always time for a little game of Around the World.

Sister Verdejo will be trained by Sister Benavides in Malaga 4.

Sister Asay will be trained in Elche 2 by Sister Arce.

Elder Pesce will be trained by Elder Baker in Sevilla 1.

Elder Rojas will be trained by Elder Reid in Murcia 2.

Elder Reynolds will train Elder Costas in Fuengirola.

Elder Padilla will be trained in Cartagena 3 by Elder Hill.

Elder Martin will train Elder Alvarez in Elche 1.

Elder Maldonado will be trained in Alicante 1 by Elder Fillmore.

Elder Francia will be trained in Crevillente by Elder Day.

These great missionaries and dear friends finished their mission this week.  From left to right, Elders Rodriguez, Miller, Proctor, Sister Herrera, Elders Bleazard and Miranda, Sisters Nava and Fumero.  We love you and miss you!  Elder Durfey also finished his mission this week. (picture coming soon).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A far-away baptism and a note to parents and missionaries


Hermanas Plummer and Villamar in Badajoz.

Elders Day and Prescott in Crevillente.

Hermanas DeMayola and Nelson in Alicante 2.

Hermanas Swenson and Knowles with Elder Crandall in Cartagena 2.

Elders Skousen, Metcalf and Phipps in Malaga 1.

Elders Narcizo and Tye in Malaga 3.

This baptism was performed by our soon-to-be President Andersen. He was invited to baptize one of his investigators:  a sweet little granddaughter. Congratulations to all!

Concilio, March 31, 2015

Elders Prescott and Day have been getting rid of stuff in Crevillente.  Good job!

Elders Marshall and Hamblin have also been working hard cleaning out their apartment.  Nice!

Zone Meeting aftermath in the San Fernando Zone.

The Sevilla 1 Zone.  We love these bright shiny faces!

Dear Missionaries and Parents:

We have some big changes coming to our mission.  The "digital age" is finally arriving!   In the coming months, missionaries in our mission will be able to proselyte online using Facebook and blogs.  We don't know much about this yet, but in preparation for this phase, President Deere and I will change this blog to set the example for the standards our missionaries will be asked to keep if they choose to write a blog. 

Here are some of the changes you'll see on this blog:

  • Identifying people in photos:   I intentionally do not identify our friends who are being baptized in order to protect their privacy.  Beginning now, missionaries should ask the person for their permission to share the photo with me to put on this blog

  • Missionary attire:  I will no longer post photos of missionaries in preparation day clothing, only in missionary clothing as you see above.

  • Types of photos:  I will only post photos showing activities consistent with the sacred nature of our callings. 

Many parents and families of missionaries maintain blogs of their son or daughter's missionary service.  This is a great way to inspire and inform others who know and love your missionary.  Please be careful as you post your missionary's news in these blogs to protect the privacy of our new friends in Spain.  Do not share full names or private details of those they teach or baptize.  For the safety of all missionaries in Spain, be vague as you describe the changes coming with regard to mobile devices.

Missionaries, you're the best!  Parents and families, we consider ourselves so lucky to be part of this great work in this sunny, beautiful corner of the world, and to be doing it with your sons and daughters.  We love them. 

Sincerely, Sister Deere

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zone Conference

Elders Triana and Mangum in Alcala.

Elders Fillmore and Church in Alicante 1.

Hermanas Seoane and Nava in Jaen.

Elders Fillmore and Queirolo in Lorca.

Hermanas Merrill and Cook in Malaga 2.

Elders Hample and Love in Torrevieja.

Elders Blasi, McConnaughey and Melgarejo attacking the day.  Elder Melgarejo wins for two reasons:  he has the biggest weights, and he is wearing his nametag!


"Nerding it up in Mazarron"--Elders Oliver and Pond on Pi day.

District meeting + food in Puerto de Santa Maria/Rota/Sanlucar.
Zone Conference, Murcia, 17 March 2015.

Zone Conference, Sevilla, 19 March 2015. 

Hermanas Fumero and Judy had to catch a train before the Malaga Zone Conference was finished, so they get their own Zone Conference pic! Sorry about the early train Hermanas!

Zone Conference, Malaga, 22 March 2015
Attending:  Malaga 1 and 2 Zones, Granada Zone

This is a fuzzy action shot of some Elders singing the mission hymn at the end of Zone Conference. We really get into this song, and we sway back and forth and probably have a little too much fun. Shown standing, Elders Sykes, Phipps, Durrant and Erickson.  Seated, Elders Metcalf and Narcizo.
Elder Phipps looking VERY good with Hermana Deere's purse on his shoulder.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Baptism catch-up

We have lots of baptisms to catch you up on.  I never post the names of the new members because of privacy issues, but that doesn't mean we don't know their names and love every one of them!  Welcome to the church to these new members, pictured with the missionaries who taught them:

The Wiscombes and Elders Bird and Gozart in Alcazar.

Elders Brewer and Enfield in Almeria.

Elders Jack and Miller in Cadiz.

Hermanas Benavides and Knowles and Elder Castillo in Cartagena 2.

Elders Flores and Hannemann in Chiclana.

The Fuengirola District:  Elders Miranda, Berry, Bean and Sisters Perez and Barbee.

Malaga 1:  Elder Phipps, Sisters Miller and Jones, and Elder Skousen.

Breakfast in Jaen

Meet the Guffeys--always serving and much appreciated by the missionaries in the San Fernando Zone!

P-day basketball in Granada.

Meet Elders Booth and Buechert.  Twins separated at birth?

Then we have Sister Beuchter and Elder Buechert.  This is going to be confusing even for English speakers.

A little message to home from the great missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission!