Thursday, April 25, 2013

Families getting baptized and our 25th Anniversary

Elder Johnson and Elder Triana in Albacete

Elders Ericson, Pascua and Favero in Alcoy

Elders Richardson and Lucero in Algeciras with a a family being baptized together!

Hermanas Moreno and Brimhall in Malaga 2

Hermanas Jarvis and Nelson in San Fernando

Elders Rojas and Nally in San Lucar

Hermanas Jarvis and Nelson, on the same day, with a family joining together!

 Here is a photo of a baptism in Almeria (Hermanas Daly and Martin on the left).  Her family (all non-members) came to support her on her big day.
Elder Jones and Powell in Malaga 3

Elder Pena and Paxman in Almeria
Hermana Meldrum finished her mission last week.  We will miss her! Hermana Meldrum, I'm so sorry I forgot to take a real picture of you!! 

But we also got a new missionary who has been waiting for his visa for many months in Columbia.  Welcome Elder Ordonez!
Zone P-day in Alicante.  Isn't it strange that there aren't any Hermanas in Alicante??  Well not for long!!! 
Elder Mardones has a suggestion for our summer dress code.  I don't think so Elder.  

 Giant hamburgers for a District lunch...
Hermanas Stark and Roderick took literally the "perfect planning day" we had last week.  Look familiar??  Looks like a training video to me for sure!
Now, as promised, some embarrassing photos of President and Hermana Deere, in honor of our 25th Anniversary this week.  What´s the fun of an anniversary without old photos??

Engagement Picture from 1988

On our budget honeymoon in the Denver area (we married in the Denver Colorado temple), we made a brief stop at Red Rocks Ampitheater.

Annie's favorite.  This was taken a year or so after we were married.  She just wishes we still had the glasses and the sweater....
Thanks for the well-wishes everyone.  While our Anniversary wasn't the most romantic ever (Zone Conference in Sevilla!), it was memorable, and we are happy to be in this beautiful country serving the Lord on our big day.  We love you!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Castles and Uno

Elder Medina and Elder Jones in Malaga 1

Elder Rodriguez and Elder Read in Huelva

Alcala P-day at the castle:  Hermanas Ramsay and Petru, Elders Warburton, Wilson and Mendoza.  Thanks to Hermana Wilson for the picture!


Hermanas Nelson and Jarvis came across on people filming a video on the beach. But they didn't go to the beach because it's out of mission boundaries!

Sevilla 1 Zone talking about their "Uno"!

And finally, Elder Nunez knows how to say goodbye to pain--El Libro de Mormon!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another new Elder, and who is the youngest Elder in the Mission?

Elder Jackson and Elder Brown in Cartagena 3

Hermanas Moreno and Wilcox (and Elder Mambo) in Malaga 1

Elder Jones and Elder Medina in Malaga 1

Hermana Torres and Hermana Leon in Cartagena 2

Hermanas Stark and Roderick trying something new in Cadiz.
Elder Bastian and Elder Bivens (from Jerez) helping out in Cadiz.

Elder Favero, who arrived this week, will serve in Alcoy with Elder Erikson.

 Elder Fowkes and Elder Olsen (who arrived last week) will be in Málaga 3.

The District (for real).  Elder Richardson, Hermanas Stark and Roderick, and Elder Lucero.

And here he is: the first "young" missionary from the States to arrive...  Elder Olsen!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Big changes coming our way

Hermanas Torres and Leon

 Elder Bird and Elder Gochez in Sevilla

Elder Butler and Elder Flint in Valdepenas

 Elders Pascua and Ericson in Alcoy.

Elders Hooper and Nuñez in Granada.

 Elders McGarry and Crapo in Torrevieja.

 The feeding frenzy before Concilio. From left to right, Elders Mockler, Brown, Valenzuela, Dangerfield, Tenney, Salmeron, Jackson and Mora. They eat a LOT.

Concilio, April 1-2, 2013
Elders from left to right: Dangerfield, Jones, Estrada, Gochez Hooper, Tenney, Brown, Woodford, Jackson, Mockler, Berrett, Mambo, Salmeron, Keller, Valenzuela, Bird, Mora, Cortes, Gomez and Crespo.  In front, Hermanas Moreno, Brimhall, Moreno and Wilcox, and Hermana and Presidente Deere.
We had some special guests this time--Hermanas!  They came to council with us about opening new areas and helping Hermanas, since we have our first enormous wave of "young" missionaries, including 14 Hermanas coming this month.   Their input was wonderful. 

Actually this was a historic Concilio, and we didn´t even know it!  We learned just a few days after this conference that the Church has changed the way we do things to better help the mission in these changing times.  We will no longer have "Concilio", or Zone Leader Council, but instead we will have "Mission Leadership Council", which will include Sister Missionary Trainers in the future.  We could not be more excited for this inspired change.  

Both of our Hermana Morenos!

P-day in Málaga.