Friday, February 22, 2013

2 Arriving and a push-up contest

Elder Bird and Elder Gochez in Sevilla
Elder Lucero and Elder Triana in Algeciras
Elder Hooper and Estrada in Granada

Elder Rojas, who arrived last week from Mexico, will be working with Elder Mambo in Malaga.
Elder Kiffe (left), who arrived last week from the U.S. will be trained by Elder Scheible in Elche 2.
Now for this week's arrivals!  After a difficult journey here, Elder Sanhueza and Elder Nunez arrived in Malaga from South America.  Both these Elders are from Chile, and have been serving in Peru  while awaiting their visas.  Welcome!
Their welcoming committee at the airport was Elder Peterson, Elder Valenzuela and me. 
We took them right over to Specialized Training in Malaga to meet President Deere.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of them with their new companions!  But here they are:  Elder Sanhueza is companions with Elder Estrada, and Elder Nunez is companions with Elder Hooper.
At the beginning of January we had 28 missionaries waiting in both North and South America for their visas.  We are now down to 4, and expect them to come very soon.
In case you're interested, here is what the "Incoming Missionaries" board looks like. When President Monson announced the change in missionary age last October, a wave of younger missionaries and sister missionaries formed.  It takes time for the wave to get all the way to Spain, but it's coming.  In May we have 19 Elders and 14 Hermanas coming in one transfer.  Get ready everyone!

 As long as we are talking about whiteboards in the Mission Home, I thought I'd show you something.  It started out as a little friendly family thing, but it is growing.  Don't worry--President Deere will beat President Jackson of the Madrid Mission soon.  
 I may regret this, but Elders, send me your number!  If you've improved your number, send me your new number.  Let the flexiones begin!

Malaga and Granada Zones


21 February, 2013



Elder Mockler, Elder Berrett, Hermanas Lovell and Greenwood and Elder Spainhower enjoying the sunset in Benalmadena. 

 Five lucky Elders who are about to eat one of Hermana Spainhower's amazing pies--from left to right, Elders Barahona, Spainhower, Seely, Jones and Peroni. 



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