Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zone Conference

Elders Triana and Mangum in Alcala.

Elders Fillmore and Church in Alicante 1.

Hermanas Seoane and Nava in Jaen.

Elders Fillmore and Queirolo in Lorca.

Hermanas Merrill and Cook in Malaga 2.

Elders Hample and Love in Torrevieja.

Elders Blasi, McConnaughey and Melgarejo attacking the day.  Elder Melgarejo wins for two reasons:  he has the biggest weights, and he is wearing his nametag!


"Nerding it up in Mazarron"--Elders Oliver and Pond on Pi day.

District meeting + food in Puerto de Santa Maria/Rota/Sanlucar.
Zone Conference, Murcia, 17 March 2015.

Zone Conference, Sevilla, 19 March 2015. 

Hermanas Fumero and Judy had to catch a train before the Malaga Zone Conference was finished, so they get their own Zone Conference pic! Sorry about the early train Hermanas!

Zone Conference, Malaga, 22 March 2015
Attending:  Malaga 1 and 2 Zones, Granada Zone

This is a fuzzy action shot of some Elders singing the mission hymn at the end of Zone Conference. We really get into this song, and we sway back and forth and probably have a little too much fun. Shown standing, Elders Sykes, Phipps, Durrant and Erickson.  Seated, Elders Metcalf and Narcizo.
Elder Phipps looking VERY good with Hermana Deere's purse on his shoulder.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Baptism catch-up

We have lots of baptisms to catch you up on.  I never post the names of the new members because of privacy issues, but that doesn't mean we don't know their names and love every one of them!  Welcome to the church to these new members, pictured with the missionaries who taught them:

The Wiscombes and Elders Bird and Gozart in Alcazar.

Elders Brewer and Enfield in Almeria.

Elders Jack and Miller in Cadiz.

Hermanas Benavides and Knowles and Elder Castillo in Cartagena 2.

Elders Flores and Hannemann in Chiclana.

The Fuengirola District:  Elders Miranda, Berry, Bean and Sisters Perez and Barbee.

Malaga 1:  Elder Phipps, Sisters Miller and Jones, and Elder Skousen.

Breakfast in Jaen

Meet the Guffeys--always serving and much appreciated by the missionaries in the San Fernando Zone!

P-day basketball in Granada.

Meet Elders Booth and Buechert.  Twins separated at birth?

Then we have Sister Beuchter and Elder Buechert.  This is going to be confusing even for English speakers.

A little message to home from the great missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Transfers: 20 Arrive, 27 Depart

Nineteen of our new missionaries arrived at the Malaga train station on Tuesday March 3. 

Sister Estes will train Sister Didericksen in Sevilla 2.

Sister Cook will be trained by Sister Merrill in Malaga 2.

Elder Hannemann will train Elder Bailey in Chiclana.

Elder Whipple will be trained by Elder Striebeck in San Fernando 2.

Elder Puelles will train Elder Rochette in Jerez.

Elder Wheeler will train Elder Beuchert in Malaga 3.

Elder Narcizo will train Elder Tye in Malaga 3.

Elder Miller will train Elder Carpenter in Cadiz.

Elder Sykes will train Elder Llavina in Torremolinos (Malaga 2).

Elder Weenig will train Elder Holman in La Linea, which is in the shadow of Gibraltar.

Later in the day Sister Esplin arrived from the U.S.

Sister Gallegos will train Sister Hansen in Murcia 1.

Sister Knowles will train Sister Swenson in Cartagena 2.

Sister Olson will train Sister Esplin in Almeria.

Elder Fisher will train Elder Horne in Alicante 2.

Elder Gantner will train Elder Hall in Murcia 1.

Elder Oliver will train Elder Pond in Mazarron (Cartagena 2).

Elder Quierolo will train Elder Harvey in Lorca.

Elder Marchant will train Elder Adcock in Molina.

Elder Bird will train Elder Gozart in Alcazar de San Juan.

Elder Whetten will train Elder Jenkins in Cartagena 3.

Concilio?  We wish.  It's our group finishing their mission this week. 

Here they all are--all 27 of them.  Twenty five Elders and 2 sisters. 

One last chance for a goofy mission pic...

Here are some of them, all ready to go at 4am.

Oh wait still another goofy mission pic...

Elder Navarro's parents came to pick him up.

Elder Dansie and parents.

Elder Sharp, his parents and one brother.

Elder Buckway's family came to get him.