Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zone Conference

Elche 1 with Hermanas Rawle, Reed and Ancalle.

Alicante 2 with Hermanas Nielsen, Brown, Reed and Elder Nyland helping out.

Hermanas Nava and Guerrero, with Elder Evans.

Elder Adamson and Elder Woodford in Dos Hermanas.

A baptism in Granada.  From left to right, Hermanas Parrilla and Ashby, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Powell in white, Elders Rodriguez, Sykes, Bassett and Pena.

Elders Justiniano and Buckway in Alcala.

In Malaga 3rd Ward, Elders Butler and Landinez and Hermanas Jarvis and Cameron.

Here's Elder Landinez and Elder Butler again, and it appears as though the man being baptized was on such a spiritual high that his feet weren't touching the ground!

Zone Conference, Sevilla, 25 June 2014

Zone Conference, Murcia, 21 March 2014
Parents of Missionaries serving in the Malaga, Granada and La Mancha Zones, I have really bad news.  I forgot to take a picture at Zone Conference.  I'm sorry!  Please tell your missionary to remind me next Zone Conference!

Elders Orr and Read are proud of their new bags...

La Mancha p-day.

Granada P-day.

Captain America. Also known as Elder Peters.

Elder love in Alicante:  Elders Nyland, Walker, Mangum, Farrell, and Elder Narcizo in front.

March Madness continues, thanks to Elders England and Wiley.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness


Elders Peroni and Ellsworth in Alcazar.

Hermanas Reed, Ancalle and Rawle in Elche 1.

Elders Reynols and Dean in Chiclana.

Elders Lindley and Guttierez in Crevillente.

Elders Ericson and Puelles in Fuengirola.

And here they are again--Elders Ericson and Puelles in Fuengirola.

Elders Rasmussen and Rodriguez in Granada.

Elders Whitworth and Kiffe in Alcoy at a baptism performed by a 91-year old member!

Elders Chavez and Navarro in Lorca.

Elders Melgarejo and Adams in Lorca.

Hermanas Hoffman and Guymon in Malaga 2.

Elders Smith and Wilson in Malaga 4.

Hermanas Morris and Chavez in Malaga 4.

Elders Bleazard and Lucero with a new member from Motril.  Yes, she was baptized in the Mediterranean, but only because there is no baptismal font in Motril!

Hermanas Blake and Plummer in San Fernando 1.

Elders Paxman and Phipps in Sevilla 1.

Elders England and Wiley are missing March Madness!

P-day in Crevillente with Elder Lindley (front), Elders Rojas, Gutierrez, someone I don't recognize and Elder Favero.

Missionary fun in the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla.  Elders Bastian and Ordonez.

Elders Anguaya, Caceres and Ordonez at the Plaza de Espana.

P-day snow fun near Granada.

"Sister cities" - Hermanas Muse and Walton in Badajoz.

Elder and Sister Castillo posing by the "New Bridge" (finished in 1785) in Ronda.

Hermana Castillo made a German comfort food for Elder Scheible.  It's called Spatzle (two dots over the a).  He was happy.

Elder Anguaya in Sevilla.
A 3-generation picture, all serving in the  Granada zone right now.  Grandma Camacho, 2nd from left, with her two hijas, Hermana Demayola, left, and Hermana Parilla, 3rd from left, with Hermana Ashby on the right, hija of Hermana Parilla. Family history gets a little complicated in the mission.

Looks like a lunch after training.  Left to right, Elders Simon, Crapo, Anguaya, McConnaughey, Phipps, Whetten (with head forward), Miller and Thia.

These Elders hiked a mountain in suits.  That is definitely blog-worthy.

An unplanned zone pday at Gibraltar:  left to right, Elders Vergara, Letts, Norton, Curtis, Hna Andrus, Elders Hall, Turley, Clark and Hyatt.  In front, Hermanas Brown, Anderson, Hansen and Childers.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Baptisms and a larger-than-ever Concilio

Elders Pomazon and Mambo in Cartagena 1.

Hermanas Samuelson and Grant and Elder Mambo in Cartagena 1.

Elders Thia and Miller in Huelva.

Hermanas Anderson and Brown in Jerez.

Elders Guarcax and Mercado in Malaga 1.

Elders Wiley and England in Malaga 2.

In Malaga 3, Hermanas Robayo and Heaton, Elder Sanhueza in white and Elder Galarza.

Same day, Hermanas Robayo and Heaton, Malaga 3.

Elders Wilson, Bivens and Smith and Hermana Cameron in Malaga 4.

Elders Melgarejo and Adams in Lorca.

Back in the old days, we had 14 Elders at Concilio.   Now we have 20 Zone Leaders, and 8 Sister Training leaders, 2 office elders and 2  assistants.  That's 32 missionaries!

Concilio, March 3-4, 2014
From left to right front row: Hermanas Flake, Anderson, Israelsen, Brown, Kunz, Folsom, Nielsen, Johnson.  Elders, left to right: Elders Vergara, Pena, Tudela, Ordonez, Bastian, Sharp, Flint, Dansie, Easton, Patterson, Peroni, Webb, Smith, Scheible, Walker, Ellsworth, Flores, Olsen, Bivens, Webb, Bassett, Skousen, Rojas, Curtis, President Deere.

I don't know who these people are.

Elder Miller sent this in with this note:

Beso problem at church. #sisterproblems

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"Estos son los ojos azules de Elder Ellsworth" -- Elder Peroni.

Bowling on preparation day in Alicante.

Elders Tirrell and Nunez helping set up for an activity.

Elders Chapple and Buttars got to check out the castle in Alicante.

Elder Guarcax somewhere near Malaga.