Sunday, April 27, 2014

Semana Santa 2014

 Families and friends at home, this week we begin a week of complete consecration to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We do this by being perfectly obedient and completely consecrated missionaries every moment of each day this week.  We invite you to join us by being perfectly obedient in your prayers and scripture study, in offering service to someone each day, and in fulfilling your duties you currently perform.  Have a wonderful week with us, and ask your missionary how their week went! 

Elders Metcalf and Narcizo in Alicante 1.

Elders Bastian and Skousen in Alicante 1.

Elders Hampel and Christiansen in San Fernando 2.

This is from a while back, but it's Elder Adams and Elder Roa in Murcia. 

Elder Merchan and Elder Anguaya in Puertollano.

Elders Easton and Smith with a woman being baptized in Sevilla 1. 

And here they are again, same day, Sevilla 1.

Elders Vergara and Guarcax in Malaga 1.

Elder Anguaya filling the font in Puertollano.

Happy Easter from Hermanas Robayo and Heaton in Malaga 3.

Hermanas Rindlisbacher, Plummer and Moreno on a p-day in Cadiz on rented bikes for the day!

Another p-day shot of Elders Rasmussen and Oldroyd in Granada. 

Pioneras in Elche:  Hermanas Becerra, Hendricks and Theobald all dressed up for a family history presentation.

This is a blast from the past from Elder Roa. 

Elder Read with a few new friends taking part in Semana Santa, or Holy Week.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The heat is coming

Elders Buckway and Chumbipuma in Alcala.

Elders Baker and Antezana in Murcia 1.

Elders Marchant, Wiley and England (not pictured) in Malaga 2.

Look who came to church in Malaga 4!  The Malaga 4 district and a bunch of geckos.

This looks like a huge baptism in Elche 2, but it was a family history theater performance the missionaries did with the youth.

Bring on the heat!  These Hermanas aren't scared!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Happy Wall



Elder Lish and Elder Fisher in Valdepenas.

Elder Bivens and Elder Webb in Malaga 4.
Concilio, 8 April 2014

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Breaking up is hard to do...

But there's always another companion coming!

Hermanas Rindlisbacher and Coloma on pday in Sevilla. Ole!

Preaching to the whole galaxy.

Three generations:  Elder Guarcax, left, is the son, Elder Bassett is the dad and Elder Peroni is grandfather.
Elders Flint and Dansie getting leftovers at the mission home.

Meet The Happy Wall in the kitchen of the mission home.  This is a mixture of wedding announcements from former missionaries and personal friends, Christmas cards from family, friends, neighbors and families of missionaries. Both our family and the missionaries LOVE it, so have fun finding yourself, and send a picture of your family next Christmas!  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Transfers: 1 arrive, 9 leave

Elders Durfey and Gonzalez in Alicante 2.
Elders Peroni and Ellsworth in Alcazar.

Elders Chumbipuma and Berry in Malaga 2.

Elders Woodford and Adamson in Dos Hermanas.

Elder Peters (left) and Elder Thomson (right) baptizing in the Mediterranean Sea (but only because there's no font in Motril!)

Elders Ordonez and Bastian in Sevilla 2.


Here's our group at the train station--only 1!  Elder Durrant arrived all by himself on Tuesday.

Elder Allsop will train  Elder Durrant in Jaen.  Annie and Justin filled in as ayudantes holding the map. 

Elder Peters showing off his shoe on the last day of his mission.

Here they are--our 9 missionaries finishing this week.  From left to right, Elders Gochez, Norton, Vosters and Woodford, Hermana Chavez, and Elders Peters, Mambo, Nunez and Cortes.  We will miss you!

"Sin comentario", from Elder Rojas.   Elders Favero and Lindley.

District Love:  matching watches in Malaga 3. Hermanas Heaton and Robayo, Elders Galarza and Landinez.

Elder Neira in Chiclana.

In case you were wondering who would win...  Thanks Elders England and Wiley!