Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Trainers means 11 missionaries coming next week!

Elders Banbury and Shaver in Granada

Elders Estrada and Dangerfield in Sevilla

Elders Jackson and Barney in Sevilla
The whole big happy family in Sevilla!  In front, Elders Keller, Dangerfield, Estrada, Thornley and Jackson.  Elder Barney in white in the back.  5 Baptisms-Wow!

Elders Lyman and Bird in Almeria, pictured with Hnas Petru and Torres

Elders Menesis and White in Alicante

Hnas Vasquez, Moreno and Woodward in Cartegena 2

This week at the mission home we trained 11 new trainers

From left to right, President Deere, Elder Gochez, Elder Gomes, Hna Roderick, Hna Torres, Elder Manning, Hafen, Kirkham, Berrett, Jones, Hales, Forrest, Hooper, Bird and Hall.
Same group except President took the picture and Hermana Deere snuck in behind the Hermanas.
The Granada Zone is focused on compromisos with the Book of Mormon
and having a little fun too...
Hermanas Leon and Crowder proclaiming the gospel in Nerja
Elders Barney (and Jackson, not pictured) having root beer floats, thanks to Elder and Hermana Todd bringing root beer from the base in Rota.  Planned and executed.
P-day near Cartagena with Hnas Moreno, Vasquez and Woodward
And finally a birthday cake for Elder Valenzuela. 
Thanks for all your hard work Elders and Hermanas.  Have a great week!  Love, Hermana Deere


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mission Tour and a little surprise from the office

Wow--what a week!  We loved seeing all of you this week as we toured the mission with Elder and Sister Richards.  We had a great set of conferences in Murcia, Malaga and Sevilla.

President Deere and I have three thoughts about the week:  first, we are tired!  Second, we felt the Spirit in abundance this week.  And third, we are so proud of our missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission.  Thank you for your obedience, hard work, and shiny countenances. 

Here's the week in (not very many) pictures:

Elder and Sister Richards at a quick stop in Nerja.

 Elders Blanch and Gomes in Caceres
Elders Barahona and Jones in Huercal Overa
Huercal Overa again! Welcome to this beautiful couple!
Hermanas Gibson and Martin in Murcia
Elders Mendoza and Thomas in Puerto Llano
And again in Puerto Llano!
We've already seen this family in Huercal Overa but here they are together, all members of the Church now! 
Elder Thomas, Long, and Hermana and Elder Spainhower in Malaga
One of the benefits of serving in Malaga--being fed by Hermana Spainhower.  Lucky!
Elder Hooper, Hermana Brimhall, Hna. Moreno and Elder Barney looking smart. 

And here's the little surprise from the office...


It was wonderful to see you Elders y Hermanas.  See you next week!   Love, Hermana Deere


Friday, September 14, 2012

District Leader training, and what to do with a jamon

First, baptisms:

Elders Hafen and Rojas in Jaen

And another one!

Elders Berrett and Lopez in Puerto Santa Maria
 Elders Estrada and Dangerfield in Sevilla
Elders Berrett and Lopez again
Elders Card and Jordan in Elche
Elders Fowkes and Tenney in Lorca
Elders Manning and Hall baptized a couple who started meeting with missionaries 7 years ago. They got married Friday and were baptized Sunday!
Here they are with their beautiful children, 3 of whom have already been baptized.
Elders McGarry and Butler in Elche
Elders Thornley and Keller in Sevilla. 

Wow!  Lots of baptisms! We also had the District Leaders in the mission home this week for some training.

First, we eat.  24 hungry missionaries=LOTS of food!
Then we get down to business...
And here's a shot of everyone, except...
Elder Hafen, who was in the bathroom while we took the picture.  No time for another shot, because Elder Crawford had to catch a train.
I bought a jamon for the training, and despite Elder Brown's efforts, not much of it got eaten, so...
Annie fed some to our neighbor who comes to see us every day (se llama Ron).  As for the rest, see below. 
He was happy.
Elder Nally got a few minutes in the hammock. 


Lunchtime in Sevilla
Here's Elder Barney ready to talk with everyone on the bus, and Elder Jackson praying behind him. 

Here are a few inspirational messages.  We love you Elders and Hermanas--see you this week at our meeting with Elder Richards.  Shine your shoes and cut your hair!  Love, Hermana Deere


Weekly planning, by Elder Anderson