Sunday, April 7, 2013

Big changes coming our way

Hermanas Torres and Leon

 Elder Bird and Elder Gochez in Sevilla

Elder Butler and Elder Flint in Valdepenas

 Elders Pascua and Ericson in Alcoy.

Elders Hooper and Nuñez in Granada.

 Elders McGarry and Crapo in Torrevieja.

 The feeding frenzy before Concilio. From left to right, Elders Mockler, Brown, Valenzuela, Dangerfield, Tenney, Salmeron, Jackson and Mora. They eat a LOT.

Concilio, April 1-2, 2013
Elders from left to right: Dangerfield, Jones, Estrada, Gochez Hooper, Tenney, Brown, Woodford, Jackson, Mockler, Berrett, Mambo, Salmeron, Keller, Valenzuela, Bird, Mora, Cortes, Gomez and Crespo.  In front, Hermanas Moreno, Brimhall, Moreno and Wilcox, and Hermana and Presidente Deere.
We had some special guests this time--Hermanas!  They came to council with us about opening new areas and helping Hermanas, since we have our first enormous wave of "young" missionaries, including 14 Hermanas coming this month.   Their input was wonderful. 

Actually this was a historic Concilio, and we didn´t even know it!  We learned just a few days after this conference that the Church has changed the way we do things to better help the mission in these changing times.  We will no longer have "Concilio", or Zone Leader Council, but instead we will have "Mission Leadership Council", which will include Sister Missionary Trainers in the future.  We could not be more excited for this inspired change.  

Both of our Hermana Morenos!

P-day in Málaga.

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