Saturday, February 16, 2013

Two more visa-waiters arrive

Elder Cortes and Rodriguez in Sevilla
Hermanas Wilcox and Moreno in Malaga
Elder Mardones and Elder Oldroyd in Lorca
We held some follow-up training for our missionaries who arrived right before Christmas.  From left to right:  Elders Valenzuela, Rojas, Vergara, Nally, Seely, Vosters, Crespo, Antezana, President Deere, Elders Blanch, Rodriguez, Fowkes, Wright, Peterson, Read, Briki, and Peroni. 
When your mission is growing rapidly and visa waiters are getting through sporadically, crazy things happen.  Here are two examples:
Elder Kiffe arrived from the U.S. on Tuesday all by himself.  He will be working with Elder Scheible in Elche.  Unfortunately, we couldn't do what we normally do because Elder Scheible wasn't here.  But they are off and running in Elche, and I will get a real picture of them next week!
 This one is even crazier.  On Tuesday afternoon Elder Rojas from Mexico called from the airport in Madrid, and wondered who was going to pick him up.  Hmmm...good question.  We got him on a fast train to Malaga, and Justin and I picked him up, since President Deere was teaching.  We love getting new missionaries, even if no one tells us they are coming and they are sent to the wrong airport!   Elder Rojas was a good sport about it all.    His trainer will be Elder Mambo, but his first companion was Justin!

A "3 Generation" photo.  Elder Valenzuela (on the left) trained Elder Keller (middle), who is now training Elder Webb (on the right).  Families are forever!

 A fun preparation day in Cartegena.  I love this picture for two reasons:  1) they look so happy, and 2) their chapas are all in the right place!  Good job!  Hermanas Chavez, Castrillo, Meldrum, Torres, and Elders Mora and Smith.

 Zone Training Meeting in Cartagena.  The Cartagena zone is doing soo well right now!!  Keep it up Elders and Hermanas!
 A few of our handsome, happy Elders.  From left to right, Elder Crespo, Elder Vergara, Elder Vosters, Elder Oldroyd and Elder Mardones.
 Elders Ericson and Pascua in Alcoy, a city most of us have not seen yet.  Alcoy, Benidorm and Albacete were reassigned to our mission in December when two Stakes were reorganized into three. 


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