Sunday, February 10, 2013

11 arriving and 8 departing

Elder Blanch and Elder Briki (Where's Waldo?) in Aljarafe

Elder Barahona and Elder Mambo in Malaga 1

Elder Jackson, Elder Merchan and Elder Brown in Cartagena 3

Elders Jones, Rojas and Tenney in Alcazar


Elders Pena and Gibson in Caceres

3 of my 120 favorite missionaries!  Here's Elder Blanch (center) keeping up with the Joneses.
Hermana Yardley and Hermana Ramsay looking smart!

President and Hermana Deere with Elder and Sister Teixeira during their visit last week. 
 The craziness continued this week with 11 missionaries arriving from North and South America.  Elder Guiterrez from Peru had been waiting for 6 months!  We are so glad he is finally here.  We also sent home 8 missionaries last week. 
 Hermana Nelson and Hermana Jarvis will serve in San Fernando
Hermanas Martin and Brimhall will serve with Hermana Daly in Almeria

Elder Woodford and Elder Bivens are headed to Jerez

 Elder Norton and Elder Martinez will be in Sevilla

Elder Jones and Elder Powell are staying close in Malaga 3

Elder Keller and Elder Webb are in Jaen

Elder Peters and Elder Guttierez will be in Puertollano

Elder Pascua and Elder Ericson are in Alcoy

Elder Dangerfield and Elder Roberts are in Alicante 1

Elder Salmeron and Elder Patterson are also in Alicante 1

Elder Mora and Elder Smith are headed to Murcia 2
Now for departures and reunions!  Here they are:
Back row: Elders Kirkham, Hunt and Manning. Front row:  Hnas Vasquez and Torres, Elders Walton, Rodriguez, Hafen and Barahona. 
Ok so Elder Barahona is still here, but since he finishes mid-transfer, he came for the festivities with the group.  We miss you Elders and Sisters! 
Elder Hunt's parents came to pick him up and take him back to Virginia

Elder Hafen with his parents


Elder Manning with his whole family and ours.  And don't worry--he's got his arms around his Mom and sister.  Completely allowed!

Elder Walton's parents. 
Parents, family and friends back home, we are thrilled to have your sons and daughters here.  Know that we love them already.  And just like this mother monkey adoring and caring for her child, we will be here for your new missionary sons and daughters.  Likewise, we will dearly miss those who have gone home to their families.  We entrust them back to your care!

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  1. Love your blog. Elder Powell is my son and his emails home are so awesome. Thank you for your sacrifice to be there to lead and guide all those wonderful missionaries!