Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transfer week: 0 Arrive, 2 Depart

Elders Powell and Peroni in Alcazar.

Sisters Brown and Guererro in Cartagena 2.

Elders Neira and Bassett in Chiclana.

Elders Triana and Love in Lorca.

Hermanas Robayo and Anderson, with a little help from Elder Baker in Malaga 3.

Hermanas Samuelsen and Morris and Elder Smith with a new convert in Malaga 2.

Elders Farrell, Richardson and Nunez at a baptism in Molina.

Elder  Briki and a baby something (rabbit?) in Murcia.

A happy district in Malaga:  In front are Elder Evans and Hermana Anderson, in back are Hermanas Robayo and Parilla, Elder Baker, Hermana Bangerter and Elders Miranda and Merchan.

Elders Narcizo and Caceres in Alicante.

The missionaries from Granada and Jaen.  Front: Hermanas Ashby, Muse, Clark, Kunz and Volpe.  Elders in back from left to right:  Elders Allsop, Easton, Rasmussen, Oldroyd, Rojas and Durrant.

La Mancha missionaries.  Back row:  Elders Hampel, Phipps and Tenorio.  Seated in front: Hermanas Hoffman, Flanders, Elders Powell, Enfield, Peroni, Hermana Rocha, and Hermana Coloma in front. 

Something cool in Alicante.

We sent these two warriors home this week:  Elders Neira and Tudela. 

Elders Easton and Rojas out in a field that is ready to harvest!

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