Sunday, June 15, 2014

Senior Conference

Elders Peroni, Chappel, Schoell and Powell in Albacete with a recent convert there.  They had to go to Albacete to find a font that this good man could climb into!

Elders Powell and Peroni again, this time in Alcazar de San Juan.  A recent convert baptized his mom. 

Elders Leon and Paxman in Sevilla 1.

Elders Durrant and Allsop in Jaen.

District love in Almeria.  From left to right, Elders Moran, Reynolds, Tudela, Hermanas Andrew and Becerra, Elders Sandelin, Quinn and Oliver.

The La Mancha Zone is numero uno! Left to right: Elders Scheible, Hampel, Fisher, Tenorio, Hermanas Hoffman, Flanders and Rocha, and Elders Phipps, Ericson, Gonzalez and Thomson.
We held our first official Senior Missionary Conference at the Mission Home on June 11, 2014.  Shown left to right, Elder and Sister Wiscombe (Alcazar de San Juan), Sister and President Deere, Sister and Elder Guffey (Rota Naval Base), Sisters Nielsen and Chantrill (Fuengirola), Sister and Elder Castillo (Fuen and Malaga YSA), and Sister and Elder Wilson (Alcala).
We had a little fun after the conference. Sisters Castillo, Wilson, Deere, Annie, and Sister Nielsen.  This is a museum in Malaga that has old cars AND old dresses.  Brilliant!

Don't worry--not real.  Elders Simon and Gonzalez.

From Elder Read.

This is an oldie from Elder Warburton, taken in January 2013 after a conference with Elder Teixeira in Malaga. I spy three missionaries who are still with us: Elder Briki, Elder Leon and Elder Tirrell. 

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