Monday, January 21, 2013

Our first Visa Waiter Arrived!

Big news!  The dam has broken, so to speak, and Hermana Hodson, who we met in the MTC in Provo in June, is finally here.  We have 15 more missionaries coming this week from the United States, and we expect Visa issues to be less troublesome in the future.  President Deere and I are excited, and trying to figure out who goes where and when.  It's a complicated puzzle!

As always, baptisms first:

Elder Berrett and Elder Chumbipuma

Elder Hafen and Elder Peroni in Malaga 2

Elder Gochez and Elder Jones in Sevilla

Elder Peroni and Elder Hafen again in Malaga 2

Elder Salmeron and Elder Dangerfield

Zone Training Meeting in Sevilla.  From left to right, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Leon, Elder Tudela, Elder Mendoza (standing), Elder Tenney, Elder Gomez, Hermana Lovell, Hermana Yardley, Elder Jackson (standing), and Elder Barbosa. 

Elder Dangerfield and Elder Salmeron at work in the kitchen...
Another fun preparation day in Murcia
Introducing Hermana Hodson!  She comes to us from Utah, and we met her along with Hermana Lovell and Elder Butler in the MTC in Provo in June.   She has been serving in a Salt Lake mission while awaiting her visa, and we couldn't be happier to have her finally with us.  She has been assigned to serve in Malaga 3 with Hermana Petru and Hermana Nelson.  Welcome Hermana Hodson!
 Elders and Sisters, this week will be crazy.  But it's a good crazy, right?  We have missionaries arriving on 3 separate days, and they are traveling directly here from the U.S. without stopping in Madrid.  As our new missionaries arrive in their areas, love them, get to know them, and welcome them to the best mission in the world.    They have waited a long time to get here, and may be a little shell-shocked from jet lag and a new culture.  Many of you will be in groups of 3 for a short time, and you may not have a lot of notice before you need to move to a new area. 
Watch for your travel plans to arrive from Elder Mockler, and be patient! Love, Hermana Deere


  1. Thank you for your excellent blog. Our grandson elder Shane Webb has been called to your mission and is in the MTC. He was interviewed by the Spanish Counsel last week and we are hoping that means he will soon be joining you in Spain.

    We are currently serving in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission and look forward to you future posts.

  2. Our daughter Hermana Carly Stark flew out yesterday after serving in Mesa, AZ for 2 months. We are so excited for her to get there!

  3. I served in the Malaga Mission from 1996-1997 and my last area was Malaga 3. On the last day of my mission, Magdalena was baptized. She was one of the two people that I taught and then they were baptized. Now Hermana Hodson gets to be with Magdalena and Rafa in Malaga. Hermana Hodson just spent her time in SLC waiting for her Visa where my parents, the Benson's, were Service Missionaries with her in the Northstar Ward. The other person that I taught that was baptized, Inma who is from Sevilla, also used to be in the Northstar Ward in Salt Lake. (I also met my husband that was a fellow missionary in the Malaga mission. We have been married for 14 years and named one of our 3 daughters Lucy after Andalucia.) Such fun connections with amazing parts of the world! How I would love to visit! Besitos!