Sunday, January 27, 2013

Introducing 15 long-awaited missionaries from the U.S.

Por fin!  This has been the week we've been waiting for!  We received 7 missionaries on Wednesday, 6 on Thursday and 2 on Saturday.  We also had District Leader training last week, and lots of baptisms.  

Elder Jackson and Elder Rodriguez in Sevilla

Hermana Yardley and Hermana Lovell in Dos Hermanas with a new Hermano
District Leader Training (Dignified)
January 2013
 Ok parents, this is for you:  from left to right:  Elders Wright, Gibson, Gomez, Walton, Hunt, Berrett, Peterson, Brown, Hafen, Berrett, Hermana and President Deere, Elders Triana, Mockler, Tudela, Aviles, Mambo, Valenzuela, Keller, Mendoza Romo, Roa, Crespo and Bird

District Leader Training (Undignified)  January 2013

 I don't know any of these people.

Now for our new missionaries! 

Trip to Airport #1

Meet the Castillos, who will be serving in Fuengirola.  We are so happy to finally have them here!

 Elder Tirrell will serve in Utrera with Elder Barbosa
 Elder Walker will serve with Elder Geest in Sevilla
 Elder Warburton will serve in Alcala with Elder Mendoza
 Hermana Stark will serve with Hermana Roderick in Cadiz.
 Elder Flint will serve in Valdepenas with Elder Butler.
The whole group:  back row, left to right:  Elders Tirrell, Barbosa, Mendoza, Warburton, Walker, Geest, Butler and Flint. 
Front row:  President and Hermana Deere, Hermana Stark, Roderick and Vasquez.

 Trip to the Airport #2

Elder Crapo is in the back.  Front row:  Hermanas Ramsey, Poulton, Wilcox, Greenwood and Johns. 

 Elder Crapo is off to serve in Torrevieja with Elder Neira
 Hermana Greenwood will serve with Hermana Lovell in....
Fuengirola!  Yep, that's right--we have Hermanas in Fuengirola.
 Hermana Poulton will serve with Hermana Leon in Badajoz
 Hermana Johns will serve in Granada with Hermana Cano
 Hermana Ramsay will serve with Hermana Yardley in Dos Hermanas
 Hermana Wilcox will serve in Malaga with Hermana Moreno

Trip to the Airport #3

No announcements yet because they haven't been assigned, but Elder Oldroyd and Elder Lish are ready to go as soon as they get their residency paperwork done in Fuengirola on Tuesday.   

 Whew!  We are so thrilled to have these new missionaries here with us.  Some have been waiting to get to Spain for more than 4 months.  We still have 11 awaiting their visas, but we hope that all of them will be here soon.   Elders and Sisters, love them and welcome them into our mission.  

We will see you this week or next with Elder Teixeira!  Have a great week!  Love, Hermana Deere

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  1. We got a phone call today from the MTC! It was our son Elder Kolton Roberts! He will be on his way to Spain next Wed. We're so thrilled, he didn't think he was going to get his visa in time and was expecting to be temporarily reassigned somewhere else. Can't wait to see pics of him on here!