Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fasting for Matthew Peters

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Friends and Family of the Spain Malaga Mission:

Today and tomorrow we are fasting and praying for Matthew Peters, the little brother of our own Elder Chad Peters.  He was diagnosed with cancer in September, and as of a few days ago is back in the hospital with severe pain.  He is 16 years old.   Below is a sweet picture from the blog his sister is writing about his difficult journey.  It's Matthew, or "T" as they call him, holding onto Elder Peter's nametag with a note on the back.

It says this, in part:
APRIL 2014  I love you...
...hold onto me tight :)

Please join us in praying for Matthew and his family.

More recent baptisms:

 Elder Tudela and Elder Leon in  Cordoba
Hermanas Nelson and Petru in Malaga 3

In Malaga, with Hermanas Petru and Nelson pictured with Elders Geest and Barahona

Remember this guy?  Elder Peterson and his family were back in Spain in late December.  They are from our home stake in Alpine, Utah.  It was great to see our friends the Petersons!
One of the things Hermana Stevens fills her time with is teaching local youth how to play the piano.  Here she is pictured with her piano students after their recital.  In front are Cesar and Emily.  In back, next to Hermana Stevens is Jesus, Luis and Andy.  These kids play for Sacrament Meeting in the Fuengirola Ward and they are great! 
Hermana Castillo and Hermana Leon with their Mexican friend!
Hermanas Meldrum and Torres at Christmas
Another p-day in Murcia!
And last but not least, Elders Escribir and Leer.  We love them even if they do have a map of South America on their wall. 
Elders and Hermanas, 2012 was a wonderful year for our mission.  Thank you for your diligence and hard work.    Thank you for helping us make this huge transition in our personal lives, and helping the transition in the mission go so smoothly.  We loved you and felt loved by you right away, and that grows every week.  We love our missionaries!  I just wish I could see you as often as President Deere does.  Have a wonderful week! 
Love, Hermana Deere

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