Friday, January 23, 2015

Transfers: 21 Arrive, 13 Depart

Here's a whirlwind tour of what happened in the hours between 10am Tuesday and midnight Wednesday. 
The welcoming crew awaiting our 21 missionaries from the Madrid MTC.  Elders Skousen, Rojas, Mercado, Datwyler and Phipps.

Here they are!  Twenty new missionaries arrive in Malaga.

Hermana Barbee will be trained in Fuengirola by Hermana Perez.

Hermana Merrill (now we have two Hermanas Merrill!) will be trained by Hermana Smith in Malaga 3.

Hermana Buechter will be trained in Malaga 4 by Hermana Volpe.

Hermana Seoane will be trained by Hermana Nava in Jaen.

Hermana Anderson will be trained in Granada by Hermana Giler.

Elder Booth will be trained in Nerja by Elder Vera.

Elder Child will be trained by Elder Evans in Dos Hermanas.  That's right--dos Elders en Dos Hermanas.

Elder Black will be trained by Elder Cowley in Algeciras.

Elder Boriosi will be trained in Jaen by Elder Buttars.

Then off to the airport to pick up Hermana Smith who arrived from the Provo MTC.

Hermana DeMayola will train Hermana Nelson in Alicante 2.

Hermana Adrian will train Hermana Smith in Cartagena 3.

Hermana Fumero will train Hermana Judy in Valdepenas.

Hermana Plummer will train Hermana Villamar in Badajoz.

Hermana Morrow will train Hermana Vigo in Puerto de Santa Maria.

Hermana Carmen will train Hermana Watson in San Fernando 1.

Hermana Samuelson will train Hermana Rowley in Huelva.

Elder Bussell will be trained by Elder Thia in Ciudad Real.

Elder Lowry will be trained by Elder Milius in Puerto de Santa Maria.

Elder Salcedo will be trained in Alicante 2 by Elder Sharp.

Elder Rex will be trained in Lorca by Elder Bassett.

Elder Ylimaula will be trained by Elder Olsen in Badajoz.

Piles of luggage in the mission home the night before they leave...

We said goodbye to these 13 great missionaries.  One final message from them:  500+ (our baptism goal for 2015) and they love us.  We will miss them!

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