Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Concilio, Kings' Day and 7 Depart

Elders Flores and Wheeler in Chiclana.

Hermanas Stradling and Fumero, the Wiscombes, Elder Turley and possibly Elder Miranda in the back at a baptism in Valdepenas.

Elders Johnson, Briki and Bassett with a new sister in Lorca.

Hermanas Lyons and Samuelson with Elder Landinez in Huelva.

A wedding in Lorca, with Elders Johnson, Briki, Fillmore, Church and Bassett. 

And that wedding led to this baptism!

Elders Ellsworth and Durrant in Malaga 4.

A super-happy District Christmas party and gift exchange with the Caceres/Badajoz missionaries.  Elder Olsen loves his new sling shot!

Meet Elder Turley.  Not only does he have an extremely low voice, but his claim to fame in our mission is he is everyone's favorite person to lead a stretch part way through a long meeting.  There's just no one better at it than Elder Turley.  Here he is doing his thing somewhere in the La Mancha province of Spain.

Merry Christmas from Elders Bates and Guarcax!

These are Roscones, a typical food the Spanish eat on King's Day (Jan 6).  Each one has two things hidden inside:  a little king and a bean.  If you find the bean, something bad happens, like you have to pay for the roscones, or do the dishes.  If you find the king, you are king for a day. 

The winners!  Hermanas Guerrero and Birnbaumer, and Elder Paxman.  Surprisingly they weren't kings but Scooby Doo key rings (and a sandal key ring).  It's ok--it still made their day!

The losers:  Elders Ellsworth, Ward and Skousen. 

Concilio, 6 January 2015.  We thought we'd switch it up a little and take this photo in a part of the back yard of the mission home below the pool. 

It adds great possibilities for a silly picture.

Elders Metcalf and Adamson from Granada. Who wouldn't listen to them??? 
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These 6 sisters finished their missions and returned home on December 27.  We miss you sisters!
Elder Johnson also finished his mission this week.  Best wishes in the next phase!

The hermanas in Valdepenas found two great new investigators!

Hermanas Evelo and Ashby have their containers of grapes ready--on New Years' Eve we eat one grape every second to ring in the new year.  It's harder than you think!  Happy New Year!


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  2. OK, I just have to comment after seeing the picture of the two Elders sticking their heads through the rails above the rest of the group. My son is assigned to come to Madrid in April and then will come to you in the Malaga mission after training. When he was a little boy he stuck his head through the railing on our balcony and got stuck. Seeing this picture is a sure sign his assignment is indeed perfect for him, he'll fit right in. Good luck Pres. and Sister Deere, you'll be in my prayers come Spring/Summer. :) And thank you so much for publishing this blog, it is a great help in our preparations!

  3. Oh, I don't think my other comment worked.
    I met Sister Ashby and her companion in Cadiz while I was researching for a book I was writing. So, anyway, I wanted to send you hermanas a copy--for you to read once you get home of course. The story takes place in Cadiz. Anyway, send me a note and I can send it to your parents' houses? Jennifer Moore jjbmoore@yahoo.com