Friday, September 19, 2014

Transfers: 25 Arrive, 16 Depart

Here's what it looks like to us when they enter the train station in Malaga.
It's wonderful to finally meet these missionaries in person!

21 missionaries arrived from the Madrid MTC on Tuesday, 17 September.

Here are some of our excited trainers just moments before they were assigned to their companions.

Elder Castillo (right), from Peru, finally received his visa and has been assigned to work in Algeciras with Elder Smith.  Welcome!

Elder Adamson will train Elder Lelegren in San Fernando 2nd Ward.

Elder Anguaya will train Elder Shields in Murcia 1st Ward.

Sister Bangerter will train Sister Steffensen in Puerto de Santa Maria.

Elder Brewer will train Elder Harris in Jerez.

Sister Crockett will train Sister Arce in Malaga 4th Ward.

Elder Curtis will train Elder Van Leeuwen in Sevilla 1st Ward.  I predict they will have fun.

Elder Durrant will train Elder Johnson in Algeciras.

Elder Farrell will train Elder Bates in Sanlucar.

Elder Flint will train Elder Weenig in Alicante 2nd Ward.
Elder Webb will train Elder Hannemann in Malaga 3rd Ward.

Elder Thia will train Elder Wheeler in Chiclana.

Elder Vergara will train Elder Mitchell in Almeria.
Elder Gonzalez will train Elder Reid in Malaga 4th Ward.

Elder Guarcax will train Elder Zech in Almeria.

Elder Harman will train Elder Stockwell in Cartagena 1st Ward.

Elder Johnson will train Elder Fillmore in Lorca.

Elder Justiniano will train Elder Fife in Motril. 

Elder Lindley will train Elder Joy in Aljarafe.

Elder Medina will train Elder Gunderson in Torrevieja.

Sister Garcia will be trained in Benidorm by Sister Miller.

Sister Nava will train Sister Duenas in Sevilla 1st Ward.

Elder Patterson will train Elder Gamble in Dos Hermanas.

Elder Richardson will train Elder Jack in Cadiz.

Sister Read will train Sister Smith in Malaga 3rd Ward.
These 16 missionaries finished their missions this week.  The sisters include our very first group of younger sisters after President Monson announced the age change in October of 2012.  Sister Moreno was the first young sister to arrive in our mission.  Elders Crapo, Walker, Warburton and Ordonez were "visa waiters" and served several months before making it to Spain.  We love these missionaries.  Good luck in the next phase! 
Sister Anderson's parents came to pick her up.


Sister Moreno's mom came from London to pick her up.

Sister Thompson's parents came from Florida.

Elder Walker's parents came from Utah.

Elder Warburton's parents, also from Utah (La Fabrica) came.


  1. Thanks again for this great blog! What a blessing you are so "connected"!

  2. Aunt Cheryl and his cousins send their love to Elder Joy! ♥ Looking good Jordan! :-)

  3. Thanks for all you do. We safely arrived home tonight to Naples, Fl.
    The Thompson Family