Saturday, September 13, 2014

Preparations for transfers

Sisters Becerra and Roan in Almeria.

Elders Queirolo and Richardson in Cadiz.

Sisters Volpe and Thompson in Cadiz.

Sisters Lionetti and Parrilla in Elche 1.

Elders Bleazard and Crandall in Malaga 2.
Elders Walker and Smith in Algeciras.

Sisters Samuelson and Crockett in Malaga 4.

Elders Flint and Simon in Alicante 2.

Elders Johnson and Triana in Lorca.

Elders Striebeck and Marshall in Elche 2.

These bright-eyed missionaries will be training our new missionaries who arrive next week.

Sisters Read and Reed having a little fun with confusing everyone.

A youth activity in Valdepenas with Sisters Woolley and Ancalle.

Elder Milius was a good sport at the Valdepenas activity!

No Elder Easton.  Just no.

Lunch in Murcia.

Elders Day and Antezana in ...Nerja.

Self explanatory!
For those of you looking for a Concilio picture, I'm sorry to tell you that my camera chip malfunctioned and it's lost.  I'm sorry! 

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  1. I'm stoked to see who everyone's new comps are! Elder Harris was among your new arrivals, we are anxious to find out where he's serving