Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pre-transfer preparations

Elders Powell and Peroni in Alcazar de San Juan.

Elders Bassett and Thia in Chiclana.

Hermanas Johnson and Cameron in Jerez.

Hermanas DeMayola, Coloma and Crockett in Murcia 1.

Hermanas Brown, Grant and Guerrero in Malaga 1.

Elders Kiffe and Pomazon in Cordoba.

Elders Nyland and McConnaughey in Lorca.

 Harris (left) was baptized by his friend Zac (right) in the U.S., but his learning and conversion began in Puerto. 

Hermanas Reed and Parrilla in Elche 1.

Exchanges in Caceres!  Elders Smith, Sykes, Durfey and Bivens.

We went up to Caceres a few weeks ago for a Branch Conference, and stayed for a p-day visit to Merida with the Caceres and Badajoz missionaries. 

Planning with mustaches with Hermanas Brown, Guerrero, mini-missionary Annie Deere and Hermana Grant.

These soldiers conquered the Alicante Castle on a recent pday.

No explanation needed!

In preparation for next week's arrival of 10 new missionaries, we had "Train the Trainer" at the mission home this week.  From left to right, President Deere, Elders Caceres, Marchant, Clark and Ward, Hermanas Herrera, Brown, Birnbaumer, Lyons, Robayo and Folsom.
July 31-August 1, 2014

Concilio goofy version, August 1, 2014. Just for fun, compare President Deere's normal face with his goofy face. 

Elders Adamson and Buttars in San Fernando.


  1. Sister Deere,
    Thanks so very much for the fun blog that you keep for the missionaries in your mission. We love looking at the pictures and keeping up with things happening in the Malaga Spain Mission. Our daughter, Hermana Sara Brown, absolutely LOVES her mission and is so happy.
    Thank you! Bart and Sunnie Brown

  2. I agree Sister Deere you do a wonderful job not only on the blog but keeping track of our missionaries. Thanks to you and President Deere for ALL your service. We appreciate all the kindness and love you give to the missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission.

    Jesse and Ann Adamson

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