Saturday, August 23, 2014

12 Depart, 1 Arrives

Elders Flint and Simon in Alicante 2.

Elders Guarcax and Reynolds in Almeria at the baptism of a father of a member family getting baptized. 

Sisters Cerna and Andrew, and Elders Durfey and Narcizo with Caceres' first baptism in 1 1/2 years!

Hermanas Volpe and Thompson in Cadiz.

Hermanas Camacho, Cameron and Johnson in Jerez.

Hermanas Fumero and Kunz in Jaen.

Elders Rojas, Crapo and Tirrell in Murcia 2.


Hermanas Nava, Menesis and Israelsen in Sevilla 1.

Pday in Cadiz!

It looks like a baptism-fest but...

it was really a youth activity in Alcazar de San Juan.

Look who Elder Bassett ran into in Chiclana!

Hermana Fumero's agenda cover: Dos Veces en Blanco!

Elder Striebeck arrived Friday night from Argentina where he has been serving as he awaited his visa. 

He will work in Elche with Elder Marshall. 

This week 12 great missionaries finished their missions.  These sisters, in particular, had to do VERY hard things.  They were the first wave of younger missionaries that arrived in the mission in May 2013.  Two of them had to train a new sister after only 6 weeks in the mission.  Two others  were assigned as companions when they each only had 6 weeks in the mission.  All of them, including the elders, had to open new areas and serve in leadership positions very early in their missions.  Thanks to all of you for your brave, faithful service during this historic period!

This wonderful family came to pick up our favorite German.  Goodbye Elder Scheible!



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