Sunday, May 18, 2014

Transfer week: 7 arrive, 4 depart

Hermanas Robayo and Heaton in Malaga 3.

Hermanas Hansen and Andrus in Puerto.

Hermanas Crockett and Thompson in Murcia 1.

The celebration of a wedding in connection with the baptism!

Hermana Bangerter--half Disney princess?

Elder Bivens and Elder Scheible. Looks like a high-level discussion but I'm guessing they were talking about jumping in the pool.

Hermana Roan and Hermana Lionetti looking similar during their last week together in Benidorm.
Ok, now for transfer news.  We received a great group of 7 new missionaries.  Unfortunately I can't find the picture we took of the group at the airport!  I'll keep looking!  Sorry!
Found it!  Left back:  Hermanas Perez, Meneses, Rocha, Deere, Volpe and President Deere.  Front row, Elders Chacon, Triana and Tenorio.
First, our trainers:
Hermanas Israelsen, Kunz, Hansen and Flanders.

Elders England, Love and Phipps.

Hermana Rocha and Hermana Flanders are headed to Valdepenas.

Hermana Volpe is headed to Jaen with Hermana Kunz.

Hermana Perez and Hermana Hansen are headed to Puerto de Santa Maria.

Hermana Meneses and Hermana Israelsen are headed to Sevilla 1.

Elders England and Chacon are headed to Torrevieja.

Elder Tenorio is headed to Ciudad Real with Elder Phipps.

Elder Love will train Elder Triana in Lorca.  (If you've been following this blog for a while and think he looks like the former Elder Triana, you're right!  They are brothers!)

Hermana Jarvis and Elder Pascua showing off their hard work.
And here's the group we sent home last week:  Elders Butler, Lopez, Pascua, and Hermana Jarvis.  We miss you all!  Stay in touch!

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  1. 3rd picture down is our daughter Hermana Thompson with Hermana Crockett :)