Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Faces

Elders Bastian and Skousen in Alicante 1.

Elders Durfey and Sandelin in Almeria.

Elders Durfey and Sandelin again!

Hermanas Fumero and Moreno in Cadiz.

Elders Ward and Evans in Cartagena 3.

Elders Berry and Bleazard and Hermanas Grant and Flake in Malaga 1.

A baptism in Sevilla 2:  Elder Ordonez, Hermanas Wooley and Cerna, and Elders Johnson, Rojas and Medina.

Two baptisms in Valdepenas, with Elder Lish and Elder Fisher.

Alicante missionaries atop the castle on a p-day.

I love, love, love this picture!  Hermanas Folsom and Blake, Elders Adamson, Brewer, Johnson, Datwyler, Ordonez and Enfield. Who wouldn't listen to these bright smiling faces?!

Concilio, May 2014

Easter Party in Malaga!

From Elder Justianiano.

Elders Erickson and Justiniano in Murcia.

This guy reminded Elder Butler so much of Elder Norton that he stopped him and took a picture.

Elder Adamson. 

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