Friday, November 22, 2013

Pre-transfer calm

Elders Mambo and Hampel in Cartagena 1.

Elder Adams and Elder Pascua with a family of FIVE in Elche!

In Lorca, Elders Flores and Datwyler.

Hermanas Johnson and Brown in Huelva.

Elders Vergara and Chavez in Jerez.

Snow in Alcoy!  Elders Neira, Orr, Proctor and Salmeron.  See, you really need a coat when you serve in Spain.

The Caceres branch had a talent show, and Elder Harmon sent this photo in.  Hermanas Moreno and Daines are in the front, and Elders Harmon and Alomia are in the back.

Hermanas Folsom, Nielsen and Corral on p-day overlooking Malaga.

Elder Lucero sent this to me, so I assume he took this picture in Molina.  Wow!

Here's a little lesson in the kitchen--if you CAN dispose of something in the trash, you should.  I put some grease down the drain, and it clogged.  Elder Gochez to the rescue--1 hour later the sink was working fine.  So unless Elder Gochez is in your district, DON'T PUT GREASE DOWN THE DRAIN!

Thank heavens, just before Thanksgiving, the turkey hats resurface.  I think it was Elder Geest's mom who sent these last year.  The hats now live in Nerja.  


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