Saturday, November 9, 2013

Four new missionaries and a 50th birthday

Elders Orr, Salmeron, Neira and Proctor in Alcoy, with Elder Pascua.

Elder Whetten and Elder Simon in Lorca.

Elders Navarro and Berry in Murcia 2.

Elders Larios and Hall in Puertollano with a woman taught by Elders Skousen and Letts in Algeciras.

And here is Elder Navarro and Elder Berry again, with their arms around Elders Gomes and Wilson, who should have been in the picture too!
We recently got to see a different side of getting new missionaries.  Two sisters from Spain, including one from Malaga, are here serving while waiting for their visas to arrive.  They have both been called to serve in Mexico.  Here is Hermana Vazquez, of Malaga, saying goodbye to her family. 

Hermanas Vazquez will be serving with Hermanas Anderson and Childers in Sevilla 1, while Hermana Corral will be serving in Malaga 3.

We also got the Wiscombes this week.  They will be serving in Alcazar, and come from Morgan, Utah. Welcome to our mission! 

Concilio, November 5, 2013

From left to right: Hermanas Poulton, Hodson, Kunz, Flanders, Brown, Johns and Deere.  President Deere, Elders Scheible, Tudela, Rojas, Tenney, Cortes, Berrett, Bivens, Pena, Sanhueza, Merchan, Bird, Keller, Powell, Walker, Ericson, Lucero, Adams, Vosters, Pardo, Lish, Norton and Crapo. 

Elder Castillo showed up in the morning with black balloons and armbands to celebrate President Deere's 50th birthday.  Here we are showing our stuff together. 
Happy Birthday to my favorite mission president ever!  President Deere turned 50 this week, and we celebrated with a little cheesecake with our friends in the office.  Pictured are Elders Bird, Keller, Hermana Deere (in her 40s), Elder Crapo, the birthday boy, Elder Castillo, Sister Chantrill and Elder Norton.  Photo credit Hermana Castillo.

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  1. Happy Birthday to our favorite mission president ever too!