Friday, November 9, 2012

Meetings, Halloween and 2 Birthdays

Elders Long and Gibson in Cartegena 1.

Hermanas Woodward and Moreno in Cartegena 2 with a new sister.

Elder Pascua in front and Elder Barahona in the back, with a huge support group for a new young member in Huercal Overa.

Elders Mendoza and Thomas in Puertollano.

Elders Rodriguez and Kirkham in Malaga 1.  This is Elder Rodriguez' first transfer! 

Elders Bird and Chumbipuma in Almeria.  This is also Elder Chumbipuma's first transfer.
Zone Training Meeting in Murcia.  Elder Valenzuela, a visiting mini-missionary, Hermanas Woodward and Moreno, Elder Merchan, Rodriguez, Hales and Gibson. 
In front, Hermana Chavez and Elder Long. 
 Happy Halloween/District Meeting--Elders Mardones and Crawford, and Hermanas Vasquez and Leon.

 And here they are again:  Hermanas Leon and Vasquez, and Elders Crawford and Mardones.  Looks just like them!
Chicken foot on Halloween, by Elder Hafen

November Concilio was held on November 5th-6th.  Here's what that looks like:

 Elder Nally accompanying us for the Mission Hymn.  It's sooo much better with the piano!  Thanks for sticking with piano lessons Elder Nally!

Here we are singing the best Mission Hymn in the world.  I've taken videos of this several times but I can't upload it--so you'll just have to hum along in your head. 
Two of our missionaries had birthdays on November 5th:
Happy 49th Birthday President Deere!

And Elder Rencher turned 21--a real adult!
There is a LOT of grafitti in Spain, but this was just too perfect to walk by without taking a picture. Hermana Woodward (la rubia) y Hermana Moreno (la morena).  Perfect!
Here's a beautiful picture taken in Malaga by Elder Nunez--we live in such a beautiful place. 

Remember Elders and Sisters, it's transfer week, and whether you're being transfered or not, it's time to clean your piso--Clean 'em up!!


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