Monday, November 19, 2012

11 Departing and a near disaster

Baptisms first:

Wow!  5 new members in Chiclana! Four of them are in the same family. Elders Tudela and Lignell pictured with them.

Elder Gochez and Elder Scheible in San Lucar
Hermanas Nelson and Letendre are at it again in Malaga 3.  Elder Lucero helping out.

Elders Mendoza and Thomas in Puertollano

Elders Pascua and Barahona

Elder Peters and Elder Hatch (remember him??)
We had trainer follow-up at the Mission Home last week.  From left to right:  Hnas Chavez, Woodward, Moreno, Cano, Torres, Deere, President Deere, Elders Peterson, Manning, Lucero, Forrest, Hales, Merchan, Sandelin, Berrett, Scheible, Gochez, Hafen, Adams, Pardo in front, Jones, Hooper, Leon in front, Kirkham with Rodgriguez in front, Elder Gomes with Elder Pena in front, and Elder Bird with Elder Chumpibuma in front.  Whew!  What a great group!
We got really excited about all the things we learned.  But way to go Hermana Chavez!  She's the newest missionary here but she's the only one off the ground!  (Elder Hafen is cheating).
Lunchtime in Cartegena.  Close table:  Hermana Torres, Elder Gibson, Hermana Moreno, Hna Chavez, Hna Woodward and Elder Merchan.

 Looks like p-day in Murcia.  Hermana Martin, Elder Rodriguez, Hna Torres, Elders Valenzuela, Lopez and the giant in front is Elder Brown. 
Fun p-day with Hnas Moreno and Chavez, and Elders Merchan, Long, Gibson and Elder Hales. 
So this is what happens when you're scheduled to go home the day after a Spain-wide transportation strike.  You come to the Mission Home a day early, and have to kill time.  Starting on the closer couch, Elder Lignell, Elder Velasco, Elder Barney, Elder Shrewsbury, Elder Hatch, Elder Bradley, Elder Crawford, Elder Pallas, Elder Biamont, Elder Taylor and Hermana Woodward.  It took Elder Pallas forever to guess he was Marie Osmond. 
 I even got into the action.  And no, this isn't normally what we do on your last day!
Elder Lignell tossed the football around.

Elder Hatch changed a few lightbulbs for me with the aid of Elder Bradley.  Thank you Elders!!

Finally the reunions happened:  Here's Elder Hatch at the airport with his parents. 

Hermana Woodward talked to her family through a glass wall for 30 minutes before they finally got to hug.  It wasn't how she imagined it would be, but...

 it all worked out in the end.  Pictured here with her Aunt, Mom and Sister.
Elder Crawford's parents finally found the Mission Home

Elder Barney's parents and sister tracked us down at the Malaga capilla
Goodbye Elders and Sister!  (sniff sniff)  We will miss you! 
Now about that near disaster...six Elders were flying home, and the office Elders were planning to pick them up at the Mission Home at 3:50 am to get them to the airport.  The morning of November 15 (Happy Birthday Elder Bradley), they were up and dressed and ready.  4 am came and no Elders.  President started calling all four phones in that piso.  No answer. 
At 4:10 am he woke me up, and with him in his basketball shorts and me in my pajamas, we packed up the Elders and drove down to the Elder's piso in Fuengirola to try to wake them up.  While we were driving down, Elder Manning miraculously woke up, and seeing he had 5 missed calls from President Deere, he called, thinking there must be some emergency.  This is how that conversation went:
"Hi President.  Did you call?"
"Hi Elder Manning. "  (Pause...)
 Here are the 6 Elders waiting in the streets of Fuengirola at 4:15 am:  Elder Taylor, Elder Biamont, Elder Pallas, Elder Lignell, Elder Shrewsbury and Elder Bradley. 

 And here are Elders Mockler and Elder Berrett.  Elder Nally was there too, and a moment later Elders Peterson and Manning came speeding around the corner in the van with all the Elder's belongings packed in it.  Everything worked out just fine--they made it to the airport in plenty of time. 

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