Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mission Tour and a little surprise from the office

Wow--what a week!  We loved seeing all of you this week as we toured the mission with Elder and Sister Richards.  We had a great set of conferences in Murcia, Malaga and Sevilla.

President Deere and I have three thoughts about the week:  first, we are tired!  Second, we felt the Spirit in abundance this week.  And third, we are so proud of our missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission.  Thank you for your obedience, hard work, and shiny countenances. 

Here's the week in (not very many) pictures:

Elder and Sister Richards at a quick stop in Nerja.

 Elders Blanch and Gomes in Caceres
Elders Barahona and Jones in Huercal Overa
Huercal Overa again! Welcome to this beautiful couple!
Hermanas Gibson and Martin in Murcia
Elders Mendoza and Thomas in Puerto Llano
And again in Puerto Llano!
We've already seen this family in Huercal Overa but here they are together, all members of the Church now! 
Elder Thomas, Long, and Hermana and Elder Spainhower in Malaga
One of the benefits of serving in Malaga--being fed by Hermana Spainhower.  Lucky!
Elder Hooper, Hermana Brimhall, Hna. Moreno and Elder Barney looking smart. 

And here's the little surprise from the office...


It was wonderful to see you Elders y Hermanas.  See you next week!   Love, Hermana Deere


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  1. Great post about a wonderful city. Your photos and video really capture the atmosphere and remind me how lovely it is. And you group photo is absolutely stunning.
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