Friday, September 7, 2012

Concilio, a picture of a picture, and President Deere's favorite thing

Let's just get right into it this week:

Elders Estrada and Dangerfield in Sevilla.

Elders Jones and Barahona in Huercal Overa.

Hnas Gibson and Martin in Murcia.

Hnas Vasquez and Moreno, and I'm pretty sure I've published this picture more than once before! But it's ok--it's 3 beautiful sisters at a baptism.  Nothing better!

Hnas Gibson and Martin in Murcia 1

Elders Rodriguez and Mockler in Alcazar de San Juan

Hnas. Torres and Leon in Almeria

Hnas Roderick and Ross with a great baptism the day before she left for home (may she rest in peace).

Elders Triana and Geest in Malaga.

In other news, we had Concilio at the Mission Home this week.

While others were eating, Elder Estrada sang his heart out to the translation set. 

Here are our 14 Zone Leaders, office Elders and President Deere

They really love their brothers in the Mission.  Especially Elders Nally and Manning...

Here was the highlight of our Zone Conference from 2 weeks ago:  Isaak from the Murcia 1 Ward came and spoke to the missionaries at the Murcia Conference.  He inspired us all with his story.  Pictured here with President and Hermana Deere and "his" missionaries, Elders Card and Jordan.

More from the Malaga Zone Conference:  Sisters Torres, Sypherd, Leon and Torres.

Murcia Zone Conference Hermanas and Elders.   Sisters, you're so good at taking pictures--please remind Hermana Deere to get a group shot!!

Our Murcia Hermanas:  Hna Gibson, Martin, Vasquez, Moreno and Woodward.

 A fun p-day with the Malaga missionaries at the top of the castle overlooking the Mediterranean.

Remember this picture from the blog a month or two ago?  Well it was in the newspaper, accompanied by a very favorable article.  Way to go Elders Alejandre (now Jones) and Bailey!

WAIT!  Did you see the caption?  If not, look again!  

A picture of a picture, taken by Elder Estrada at a member's home in Alcala.  This photo of Elder Barney, the member and Elder Hunt, was displayed in his home. He was baptized one year ago by Elder Hunt, and has received the Melchizedek Priesthood.  He obviously still loves his missionaries! 

Finally, our shipment arrived at the Mission Home this week after almost 3 months of waiting. 

Maybe this explains why it took so long?  We don't know.

President Deere loves the Gospel, and his family, and all the missionaries in this great mission.  But at the top of the list of things (not people) he loves is...

his mountain bike.  Just wait.  You'll see it carefully stowed in his office.  Nope, I'm not kidding. 

Keep up the great work Elders and Sisters, and we are looking forward to seeing the District Leaders here  Tuesday! 

Love, Hermana Deere

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