Sunday, May 17, 2015

Concilio and what is a "SHE"??

Elders Metcalf and Phipps with Elder Frost in Malaga 1.

Sisters Buechter and Hansen being agents to act (rather than objects to be acted upon).

Concilio, 12 May 2015

A little mingling in the back yard after Concilio.

Elder Gonzalez always has a good smile!

President Deere related missionary work to building up his law practice during Concilio, and some elders had some questions for him afterward. Future lawyers perhaps?  

One of the wonderful changes we've seen during the last 3 years is the addition of Sister Training Leaders to our Concilio.  They add so much and are a key part of the mission leadership council.  Before the Church announced the name for their position in Spanish, we felt the best translation for them would be "Hermana Entrenadoras", or Sister Trainers.  But as you can see, the abbreviation would be "HE".  We just couldn't have that for Sisters, so President Deere suggested jokingly that we should call them "Super Hermana Entrenadoras", or SHEs.  The name stuck.  Here they are--our "SHEs". 

Meet our office elders, Elders Weenig (pronounced "When-ig"), Clark and Fife.  They keep the mission running smoothly and do missionary work at night. We all depend on them daily!  

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