Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Best Senior Missionaries and Spring Cleaning

Sisters Esplin and Olson in Almeria.

A triple baptism in Malaga 3.  Missionaries shown are Elders Beuchert, Wheeler, Durrant and Erickson.

Elders Adams and Melgarejo in Alcoy.

Elders Johnson and Landinez in Molina.

Elders Lowry and Milius in Puerto de Santa Maria.

Elders Wheeler and Beuchter again in Malaga 3.

You already know the missionaries!  Congratulations to our new friends.

Some of the best senior missionaries in the world!  From left to right Elder and Sister Frost (Young single adult specialists in Malaga and medical specialist), Elder and Sister Redd (Member/Leader support, Caceres), Sister Nielsen (office specialist), and Sister and Elder Wiscombe (Member/Leader support). 

BEFORE.  The missionaries of Molina, before spring cleaning. I know this doesn't exactly show missionaries in a dignified way, but along with the next picture it shows the spring cleaning and organizing effort!

AFTER.  Much better Elders! Still need to lose the wig.

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