Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of baptisms and the Wilsons finish

Algeciras and La Linea Elders:  From left to right Elders Black, Weenig, Cowley, Mitchell, Anguaya and England.

Elders Baker and Varela in Almeria.

Elders Castillo and Crandall in Cartagena 2.

Elders Gamble, (Navarro), Buckway and Chapple in Elche 1.

Several new members in Granada.  Elders Quinn, Adamson, Metcalf, Pomazon and Hermanas Giler and Anderson.

Elders Hill and Reseigh in Cartagena 3.

Elders Hill and Reseigh again in Los Alcazares (Cartagena 3).

A wedding in Molina which means...

A baptism the next day!  Shown with Elders Johnson, Harman, Letts and Marchant.

Hermanas Olson and Johnson in Almeria.

Elders Reid and Thomson in Murcia 2.
A wedding in Malaga which means...
The couple was baptized the next day.  Shown with Elders Reading, Durrant, Skousen, the former Elder Cortez, Elders Ellsworth, Phipps and Nyland.


Rooftop baseball in Malaga.

Elder Lindley getting a lukewarm reception.

Elders Adamson, Metcalf, Proctor and Quinn lost a bet.

Planning in Granada.

Elders Thia and Bussell celebrating Valentines Day.

Our friends the Wilsons finished their mission last week.  They did wonderful things in Alcala but are enjoying being with their family now! We miss you Wilsons! 

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