Sunday, October 19, 2014

Preparations for Finding Week

Friends and Family of the Spain Malaga Mission:  This week our mission is having a "Semana de Encontrar", or Finding Week.  Our goal is to find 888 people who have been prepared by angels and by the Holy Spirit to receive the gospel.  Please pray for us and for those we will find, and ask your missionary what their goal is for this week.  Thank you for all your love and support! 

Elders Fisher and Landinez in Huelva with the names of the Elders who started teaching him 10 YEARS ago! 

Elders Wiley and Hyatt in Elche 1.

Hermanas Camacho and Guerrero with Elder Brewer in Jerez with a new sister!

Fiesta de los Pueblos in Jaen.

Malaga 4 at a cookout in the campo.

A tense companionship inventory in Jaen with Elder Galarza and Elder Whetten. 

Cordoba Elders:  Elders Simon, Wilson, Pomazon and Read.

A picture from last week's District Conference held in Ciudad Real. Attendance was 90.

Peruvian Pride!

The Giralda Tower in Sevilla, built in the late 1100s.

The dangers of Cordoba..

Elders Ellsworth and Phipps planned for the big Week of Finding with a football coach style! 

Here's a little taste of Fall from Alpine Utah.

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