Friday, March 7, 2014

Baptisms and a larger-than-ever Concilio

Elders Pomazon and Mambo in Cartagena 1.

Hermanas Samuelson and Grant and Elder Mambo in Cartagena 1.

Elders Thia and Miller in Huelva.

Hermanas Anderson and Brown in Jerez.

Elders Guarcax and Mercado in Malaga 1.

Elders Wiley and England in Malaga 2.

In Malaga 3, Hermanas Robayo and Heaton, Elder Sanhueza in white and Elder Galarza.

Same day, Hermanas Robayo and Heaton, Malaga 3.

Elders Wilson, Bivens and Smith and Hermana Cameron in Malaga 4.

Elders Melgarejo and Adams in Lorca.

Back in the old days, we had 14 Elders at Concilio.   Now we have 20 Zone Leaders, and 8 Sister Training leaders, 2 office elders and 2  assistants.  That's 32 missionaries!

Concilio, March 3-4, 2014
From left to right front row: Hermanas Flake, Anderson, Israelsen, Brown, Kunz, Folsom, Nielsen, Johnson.  Elders, left to right: Elders Vergara, Pena, Tudela, Ordonez, Bastian, Sharp, Flint, Dansie, Easton, Patterson, Peroni, Webb, Smith, Scheible, Walker, Ellsworth, Flores, Olsen, Bivens, Webb, Bassett, Skousen, Rojas, Curtis, President Deere.

I don't know who these people are.

Elder Miller sent this in with this note:

Beso problem at church. #sisterproblems

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"Estos son los ojos azules de Elder Ellsworth" -- Elder Peroni.

Bowling on preparation day in Alicante.

Elders Tirrell and Nunez helping set up for an activity.

Elders Chapple and Buttars got to check out the castle in Alicante.

Elder Guarcax somewhere near Malaga.


  1. Awesome Post Thank You!!!! Elder Buttars Mom

  2. If you have any doubt about the good you are doing for the families of Missionaries please, erase them now, Sister Deere! You are doing something that make other Missionary Mom's jealous and this one (and my large worldspread family) so happy to see. The progress in the Malaga Mission is beautiful and watching it through this blog, week after week, is a blessing. Thank you! Graçias! and Merci! Love, Elder Thia's Mom :)