Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm out of blog titles this week.

Elders Mardones and Ellsworth in Alcazar de San Juan.

Hermanas Morris, Poulton and Lyons in Cartagena 2.

Elders Wiley and England in Malaga 2.

Hermanas Becerra and Heaton in Malaga 3.

Elder Baker and Elder Peters in Murcia 1.

Hermanas Brown and Nielsen in Alicante 2.

Elders Farrell and Nyland in Alicante 2.

Elders Adams and Bastian in Sevilla 2.

Hermanas Theobald and Daly in Elche 2.

Las guapas de San Fernando!  Left to right, Hermanas Blake, Plummer, Andrus and Folsom.  In the middle, Hermana Childers.  In front, Hermana Herrera and Moreno.

Lorca, open for restoration (of the Gospel).

The wonderful Malaga Zone. Back row, left to right: Elders Quierolo, Tudela, Bivens, Keller, Sanhueza, Guarcax, Scheible, Wiley, Shoell, England, Turley, Mercado, Berry and Galarza.  Front row: Hermanas Heaton, Chavez, Becerra, Flake, Stark, Cameron, Hoffman, Hansen, Israelsen, Andrew, and Elders Landinez, Chumbipuma, Wilson and Smith.

Hermanas Plummer and Andrus in a really cool cathedral.

Elder Neira preaching in Alcoy.

A little rain and wind can't stop Elder Anguaya and Elder Tenney.

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