Sunday, January 12, 2014

Eight missionaries arrive, one leaves

Elders Richardson, Simon and Crespo in Aljarafe.

Elder Buttars and Elder Anguaya in Sevilla 1.

Elders Whetten and Melgarejo in Lorca.


Elders Puelles and Easton in Fuengirola.

Elders Peroni and Bleazard in  Motril.

Elders Adamson and Johnson in Murcia 1. 

Happy New Year in Cordoba:  Elders Guarcax and Alomia, and Hermanas Greenwood and Hendricks.

Elder Norton wondering:  is it a clinic of delicious pie or a clinic for delicate feet? 

Here's a sneak peak at our 8 new missionaries who arrived this week.  Here they are on a corner downtown in Fuengirola with Elder Castillo, getting ready to visit the police station.
And here's a sneak peak at our trainers:  Hermanas Grant, Folsom, Childers, Camacho, Blake and Crockett, and Elders Larios, Reynolds and Farrell.

Elder Farrell (left) will train Elder Nyland in Alicante 2, San Vicente.

Elder Marshall is headed to Torrevieja with Elder Larios.

Hermana Samuelson will be trained by Hermana Grant in Cartagena 1.

Hermana Plummer will be trained by Hermana Blake in San Fernando 1.

Hermana Andrus with Hermanas Folsom and Childers, headed to Puerto Santa Maria.

Elder Dean will be trained by Elder Reynolds in Chiclana.

Hermana Miller and Hermana Crockett will be working in Almeria.

Hermana Demayola is going with Hermana Camacho to Jaen.

Elder Mora finished his mission this week, and here he is at the finish line.  Goodbye Elder Mora!
Elder Aviles says, "Elder Read no es el verdadero, soy yo!!!"
Elders Read, Nunez, Miller and Metcalf and I enjoying a DATE on a mission.   (only funny in English--sorry!)

Finally, here is Hermana Reed with 12 grapes in her mouth.  In Spain, we start the new year with the local tradition of putting a grape into your mouth each second for 12 seconds in a row.  It's harder than you think.  I think I see Elders Puelles and Easton in the background celebrating with a hug.  Feliz ano a todos!

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