Sunday, December 15, 2013

Six missionaries finish and getting the Christmas Spirit

Elder Evans, on the left, Elder Thia and Elder Smith, in the middle and Elder Bivens is on the left with a family being baptized in Cartagena 3.

Elder Webb and Elder Peroni with a baptism in Motril.  Yes, he was baptized in the ocean!  So the Elders had permission to be on the beach and to perform the ordinance in the ocean, because Motril doesn't have a  baptismal font. 

Elders Nunez and Allen in Nerja.

Hermanas Vazquez, Anderson and Fumero in Sevilla 1.

Hermana Guerrero and Hermana Muse, with Elder Adams in Sevilla 2.

And here's Hermana Bangerter with Hermana Muse right before the baptism.

Hermanas Heaton and Brown in Valdepenas.

Elders Pena and Mardones with Sister and Elder Wiscombe in Alcazar.

Hermanas Camacho, Lovell and Lyons getting into the Christmas spirit in Jaen.

And our Molina Elders are feeling Christmassy too.

Hermanas Lovell, Lyons and Camacho over looking Jaen.

We sent home 6 great missionaries this week:

We miss them already:  Elder Hooper, Crespo, Barbosa, Bird, and Hermanas Hodson and Lovell. 

The missionaries like to take pictures of when someone "dies", or goes home, and they love to show the companion killing the missionary about to go home.  I normally don't post these "kill" pictures, and the missionaries have stopped sending them to me because they never get published, but this one was just too good.  Enjoy:
Rest in peace Elder Bird.

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