Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Tsunami: 37 arrive

Craziest week ever.  But baptisms first, as always:

Hermanas Noriega and Thompson in Benidorm.

Elders Flint and Curtis in Badajoz.

Elders Gonzales and Smith in Granada.

Hermanas Martin and Anderson in Jaen.

Elders Erickson and Sharp in Jerez.

Elders Quinn and Gomez in Malaga 2.

Elders Ellsworth and Walker in Molina.

Here's the happy Murcia District, who learned this week that it's very important to be sure the font drain is closed before filling the font with water.  With the help of a few buckets, they got the font filled with enough water in time for the baptism. 
Hermanas Thompson and Folsom had a font mishap too!  Hermana Thompson said, "Disaster with the baptismal font!
It was our first time trying out the plastic font and it fell a couple of hours before the baptism and flooded the entire chapel with 1-2 inches of water. It took mediodia to get all the water out but it was dry in time for the baptism."

Now, the tsunami: 37 missionaries arrived, and none departed.   

 They arrived by train at 10am,
and by plane at 1pm.
Put your arms around our new missionaries (according to the guidelines in the Manual Misional, please) and welcome them to the best mission in the world.  Here they are, in no particular order:
Elder Queirolo will be trained by Elder Hooper in Malaga 3.

Elder Hill will be working in Algeciras with Elder Mambo.

Elder Metcalf is headed to Aljarafe with Elder Vergara.

Hermana Rawle and Hermana Wilcox are headed to Badajoz.

Hermana Brown (our third one!) will be trained by Hermana Johnson in Huelva.

Hermana Lionetti is headed to Cádiz with Hermana Reed (center) and Hermana Coloma.

Elder Bassett (left) and Elder Rojas (right) will train Elder Guarcax in Cordoba.

Elder Pomazon will be trained by Elder Flint in Badajoz.

Hermana Brown will train Hermana Wooley in Granada.

Hermana Lyons and Hermana Martín are headed to Jaen.

Hermana Hansen will be trained in Jerez by Hermana Brimhall and Hermana Johns (not pictured).

Elder Bird and Elder Peters will train Elder Reynolds in Malaga 1.

Hermana Black will be trained by Hermanas Ramsay and Poulton in Malaga 1 also.

Hermana Andrew will work in Malaga 2 with Hermana Roan.

Elder Cortés will train Elder Farrell in Malaga 4.

Hermana Daines will be trained by Hermana Moreno Cáceres.
Elder Mercado and Elder Easton will train Elder Rasmussen in Albacete.

Elder Tudela is headed to Alcoy with Elder Orr. 

Hermana Flanders will train Hermana Morris in Alicante 1.

Elder Dansie will train Elder Day in Alicante 2.

Hermana Camacho will train Hermana  Parilla in Alicante 2.

Elder Webb is headed to Elche 1 with Elder Adams.

Hermana Cameron (and Hermana Kunz) will train Hermana Hubbard in Elche 1.

Elder Rodriguez will train Elder Oliver in Torrevieja.

Hermana Flake will train Hermana Bangerter in Cartagena 1.

Elder Flores will train Elder Datwyler in Lorca.

Elder Galarza and Elder Adamson are headed to Murcia 1.

Hermana Jarvis and Hermana Walton are also going to Murcia 1.

Elder Ellsworth and Elder Allsop are going to Molina.

Elder Brewer will train Elder Landinez in Ciudad Real.

Hermana Israelsen will train Hermana Heaton in Valdepeñas.  It also looks like our assistants are having a little too much with all the excitement.   

Elder Berrett will train Elder Chapple in Almeria.

Elder Bastian will train Elder Bird in Almeria.  (And yes, we have another Elder Bird, and he´s bigger than the first Elder Bird!)

Elder Patterson and Elder Church are headed to Málaga 1.

Elder Olsen and Elder Buttars are in Sevilla 1.  There are now 4 companionships in Sevilla 1st Ward.  Nice Elder Góchez..

Hermana Muse and Hermana Guerrero are headed to Sevilla 2.

I can't end this entry without a shout-out to our amazing office staff that have been working long days getting ready for this historic week.  Elders Butler, Norton, the Castillos, and Elders Gochez and Keller have been preparing all summer for this week.  Elder Norton found and rented 32 new apartments.  Elder Butler bought tickets and moved almost the entire mission this week.  Elders Gochez and Keller, besides making faces in the photos when we assign to areas, work tirelessly with and for the missionaries, and Elder and Sister Castillo, well, we just feel like they are at the right place at the right time.  We don't even know how we would do it without them.  We love you!  

 The formidable Elder Norton with 17 new phones.  That means 17 new areas opened this week!


  1. Thank you so much for posting. Elder Day is my brother and it is fun to see where he is going and who his companion is. Thanks again ;)

  2. I am also so grateful to see pictures of my brother, Elder Datwyler! And so happy to see the Lord's work progress!!! Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you Hermana Deere for taking the time to do these posts with all that you've got going on. We haved loved seeing our son Elder Buttars here. We have been waiting to see that picture pointing to the map for a very long time!!!!

  4. Thank you Hermana Deere for taking the time to do this blog. Its always fun to see what is going on in Elder Berretts mission. He is loving Espana and loves the people of Spain. So blessed to have him be on a mission. Thank you for taking good care of all the missionary's.